139.0…Peer Pressure

So…we met some friends at Souplantation last night for dinner. Most of the time when I go there, I’m make pretty good choices. I always have a huge salad full of veggies and their low fat deep kettle chili.

March 2012 001

I can’t help myself with their ranch dressing though. It’s the best….and I’m a ranch dressing snob (if such a thing exists). It’s what I want to “spend” my calories on when I’m there.

I’m pretty good at sticking to my plan but sometimes when I’m with friends, I develop a more “care-free” attitude and let my plans fall by the way side. I guess you could say it’s peer pressure. But no one forced me to eat the pizza bread that my daughter didn’t finish nor did they force me to dip each bite in that fabulous ranch dressing.

And when everyone got up and declared it was time for dessert, no one forced me to get the chocolate frozen yogurt and add chocolate syrup to it….

March 2012 002

….or add a cookie to it. But I did it anyway. Peer pressure, my friends. I was a victim last night. And it’s ok… I don’t do it all the time and we need splurges in our life or else we go crazy. At least, I know I do. :)

Breakfast was back on track this morning with a toasted English muffin with peanut butter and a side of strawberries:

March 2012

I took the kids to school and met my friends at the gym. Another boring walk on the treadmill. When I was walking, I received a text message from my husband asking if I wanted to meet him at his office for lunch. Of course!! Love impromptu dates!

We decided on a little Italian restaurant called Cafe Luna. I have been several times before and have always enjoyed the food. I was starving by the time I arrived, which usually means bad choices will be made. The menu was full of all things fattening and delicious sounding. When our server described their specials, one in particular caught my attention: Ahi Tuna Salad!

March 2012 003

Seared ahi tuna over a bed of greens lightly dressed in a vinaigrette along with avocado, tomatoes and shaved parmesan cheese. The ahi was drizzled with a bit of a wasabi sauce, giving it a little kick. It rocked my world. Love. I also love how the decorate the tops of the plates with paprika and write the word “Luna” in it.

After my fabulous lunch, I had a doctor appointment and then it was off to Starbucks for a latte before the school pick-up.

March 2012 004

Tonight I’m going to a trunk show at a friend’s house. All I know is that there will be wine and food. I haven’t had any wine in almost three weeks and this drought needs to come to end TONIGHT. 

Are you a “victim of peer pressure” when it comes to social eating?


  1. We went to Souplantation last Saturday! I get a craving for it a couple times a year and odd as it may sound I chose it for my B Day dinner last year. I always eat their pizza bread. Yum! I love their FF Ranch, it's actually pretty good. They have chocolate lava brownie now! I usually do get the Chili but I just didn't have room what with everything else. At least the yogurt is non fat. I love that place.

  2. I have much better will power out in public than at home with a bowl of cookie dough :) I would have ordered that ahi salad, too...YUM!


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