144.4…I Flew A Fighter Jet!

Today I had an experience of a lifetime.
Fighter Jet May 2011
I flew in a fighter jet!

It all started at a charity event that my husband and I attended back in March. We won the auction entitled “Fighter Pilot for the Day.” My husband graciously allowed me to be the pilot!

Well, the big day arrived today! We drove out to the French Valley Airport in Murrieta, California. I bought my husband and kids, my mom and dad, my mother in law and a whole entourage of friends, including Lisa who took a TON of photos….which hopefully I’ll have soon! For now you can see the photos my husband and I took.

The actual pilot and owner of the the Aero Vodochody L-29 Albatross jet fighter plane, Troy, arrived and spent about an hour giving me all the safety information and run down on the plane. After hearing about how to EJECT and how to work the emergency parachute, I already felt like barfing.

We made our way out to the plane, took a ton of pictures (I can’t wait to see them!) and then it was time to climb aboard! Troy strapped me in he climbed in and turned the engines on.
Fighter Jet May 2011 041
View of the wing from inside the cockpit:
Fighter Jet May 2011 042
Self portrait: “Oh Crap! Here we go!”
Fighter Jet May 2011 043
We took off and immediately pulled 2 G’s to the left and circled back to do a low fly by over the runway for everyone to see. I could see everyone waving at me! We flew by them…the plane can do Mach .85 (about 540mph)!  This time we pulled 3 G’s and made our way out to his vineyard home in Fallbrook.
Here are some pics I took from the plane:
Fighter Jet May 2011 044
Fighter Jet May 2011 045
At some point during the ground school, my husband, kids and mother in law drove out to the pilot’s home in Fallbrook so that we could do low fly bys past the house.

Now at this point, all the maneuvers started catching up with me. I was not feeling especially well. The next maneuver was another low fly by past the house. My husband got some great photos. Check me out on the approach….I’m a little dot over the mountains in the middle left:
Fighter Jet May 2011 010
Fighter Jet May 2011 012
Fighter Jet May 2011 014
Fighter Jet May 2011 015
Fighter Jet May 2011 017
And back up I go:
Fighter Jet May 2011 018
We did another pass over the house:
Fighter Jet May 2011 025
Fighter Jet May 2011 026
And then I barfed.

Yep. I already had my bag ready in my lap. Apparently, Troy has had many men barf and/or black out but I was the FIRST woman to throw up. I am proud.

That was it for the maneuvers for me and I was ready for my flight to be over. We made our way back to the airport and after a safe landing, I was back on solid ground….barf bag and all!

My parents took me back to my house where I met my husband. We baked some Costco pizza in the oven and after a few slices, I felt a bit better! It seriously took a few hours before I felt better. I still feel “off.”
Before I forget….we kicked off Memorial Day weekend last night by turning the grill on and cooking up some chicken sausages, corn and baked beans:
May 2011 195
Breakfast was an English muffin with almond butter and and apple…..
May 2011 196
….which I saw again later….during my flight. :(

Flying in a fighter jet was on my “bucket list.” I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do it! It was an amazing experience but one I’d NEVER do again. Not even if it was free. :)

Stay tuned for more pictures once I get them!

Have you accomplished anything on your bucket list?

Have you grilled yet this weekend?


  1. OMG Melissa, that is so awesome!! I wish we could have come and watched you since we live across the street from the French Valley airport! But we actually were in SD for a bbq at my cousin's house. Those are great pictures! I think I would have barfed too. We grilled burgers today, topped with grilled onions and some jalapeno popper dip! It was yummy! I don't really have a bucket list, guess I need to get on it and make one! :)

  2. OMG you rock, Melissa! And you should be so proud of how long you lasted in that jet before you hurled! What a great bucket list item. I'm feeling inspired... :o)

  3. This is amazing! Sorry about your barf... but it sounds like it was worth is. : ) Just found your blog and I love it. So cute!

  4. what a cool experience!! can't believe you threw up...not fun :)

    enjoy your monday!

  5. I imagine that was quite a ride! I'm so glad you got to cross it off your bucket list--how cool to have that experience! Hope you feel better fast. WTG, girl!

  6. oh this is so so very fun! I love it - what a neat experience! I need to write a bucket list - I like to think i'm plugging away at it unofficially?! LOL

  7. LOL, sorry to laugh but this made me giggle!


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