144.2…Is it really Monday already??

We got back from our trip to Rancho Palos Verdes late last night. We had a great weekend and I can’t believe it went so fast!

Saturday we went to one of our hotel’s, The Terranea’s, restaurant called Nelson’s. It was right overlooking the water. It was a beautiful day and the view was amazing. I ordered the grilled fish tacos with a side salad.
May 2011 094
Excellent fish tacos! Check out the holder thingy that the tacos are in. Genius! You could put the taco down without it falling apart. It’s the little things right? :)

After lunch we walked down to the pool. The kids went in the pool with my husband and some friends that were attending the wedding that night. Everyone was having cocktails so I joined everyone with some white wine.
May 2011 095
Then it was time to head back to the room to get ready for the wedding. My parents came to watch the kiddos and we were off to the Rancho Palos Verdes Golf Club.
I didn’t get the memo that it would be outside and cold so I shivered in my short cocktail dress through the ceremony and cocktail hour. I switched to red wine figuring maybe it would warm me up a bit. It worked a little. :)

When we were let inside for the reception, I was quite pleased. :) We did some dancing before our first course was served.
May 2011 096
Your standard salad. I liked the vinaigrette that was on it. For my main course, I chose the salmon which I forgot to photograph. Oh….if you’re wondering, I forgot to get a picture of me in my dress. It’s the black dress in this post.

The bride surprised the groom with a performance from the USC Marching Band. He went to school there and so did my husband and I so I was ecstatic. Ahh….to be back in college again…
May 2011 102
I dominated the chocolate fountain.
May 2011 103
I went back twice. I covered some strawberries, brownie bites, marshmallows and MINI CREAM PUFFS (!!) in chocolate. By the time the wedding cake arrived, I was not hungry. Besides it was a banana cake and you all know how I feel about bananas. Yuck.

The wedding started to wind down and it was time to go relieve my parents from their babysitting duties.

Sunday morning I had a bowl of the Trader Joe’s granola I bought the day before.
May 2011 104
I am really excited to put this on yogurt.

We hung out for a bit and then packed up and checked out of the hotel. I would definitely go back to the Terranea. Beautiful property!

We drove to my brother in law’s new house and spent the rest of the day there. I ate my weight in chips and salsa. Dinnertime rolled around and we picked up pizza and salads from Fresh Brothers. I had never heard of that place before. It was excellent!
May 2011 105
I had some cheese pizza and chopped cobb salad. Loved it!

After dinner we hit the road back to San Diego.

This morning my husband took the kids to school. I ate a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter and took care of my half marathon training for the day: 4 miles.
May 2011 106
Mile 1 – 10:43
Mile 2 – 10:17
Mile 3 – 9:56
Mile 4 – 9:04

After my run, I grabbed an apple and went to my Cardio Muscle class.
May 2011 107
I hadn’t done a weights workout in a couple of weeks. Eek! It felt great to get back into the game!

I was pretty hungry when I got home so I tried a new flavor (to me) of Larabars: Peanut Butter Cookie.
May 2011 108
Eh. It was kinda dry tasting. I prefer the cookie dough one so far.

I changed clothes and met a friend at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza for lunch. I had a bowl of the tomato basil soup (minus the cheese & oil):
May 2011 109
And my favorite salad: Chopped Chicken Salad.
May 2011 110
I ordered the full size salad because I knew I’d bring home half for dinner. Hubby isn’t home for dinner tonight so I have a special treat waiting for me in the fridge! :)

I picked up my daughter from school and had a playdate for her come over.

Now I plan to spend the rest of the day catching up on blogs. Sorry I’ve neglected you all!

Head on over to Carrots N Cake's Blog Bake Sale and bid on my Sugar Cookie Bars!

Ever tried Larabars? What’s your favorite one?

Favorite chocolate fountain item to dip? I thought marshmallows were my favorite but those little cream puffs were unreal.


  1. Nice job on the workout! I like the cookie dough larabar. I LOVE that she got him a band - WOW - that is so fun and clever!

    I honestly stay away from the chocolate fountain - it makes me nervous! I'm always scared i'm going to make a mess!

  2. gosh you're sooo neglectful!!! bahaha i kid i kid! <3

    alright speed demon -- i'm mad at you! No photo of you IN the dress? how dare you! Though I would have forgotten too... and I would have lived at the chocolate fountain =) haha

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. A lot of people think chocolate fountains are tacky, but I'm a pretty big fan!

    I'm totally wanting one of those salads. Looks delicious!

  4. The band is such a neat touch to the wedding!
    I love Larabars, ginger snap and cinnamon roll are my favorites so far!

  5. Your running times are great! I am still trying to get a 30 minute 5k - some day. :D

    Glad the wedding food was good! :D

  6. we had a chocolate fountain at our wedding and it was one of my favorite parts!! so good!!

  7. I have to say, mini creme puffs is a brilliant addition to a chocolate fountain! My fave is pretzel rods b/c I love the salty/sweet combo.


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