143.0…Frozen Indefinitely

I’m so glad I ordered the full size Chicken Chopped Salad at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza yesterday! I enjoyed my leftovers for dinner!

May 2011 111

My husband wasn’t home for dinner so it was nice to just put it on a plate and eat!

Breakfast this morning was the new cereal that I bought this past weekend: Trader Joe’s Strawberry O’s. I ate it with almond milk and mixed in some Fiber One cereal. I also had some cantaloupe as well.

May 2011 112

After taking the kids to school, I made a quick trip to the grocery store. We were in desperate need of fruits and veggies!

My workout de jour was an intense spin class. I’m pretty sore from yesterday’s Cardio Muscle class so this will probably just add to it. I love being sore!

I home home to change and started making all the sugar cookie bars that were won in both Bite by Bite and Carrots N Cake’s blog bake sales. It was the perfect day to bake…it was all gloomy and raining outside.

Always on the quest to use things up in my freezer, I pulled out a container of “Mexican Chicken Casserole” from my freezer that was dated June 2010. Hmmm.

May 2011 113

Still tasted good! ;) I did have to add a ton of Cholula to in though!

I picked up my kiddos from school and came home. My husband is coming home for dinner tonight and I’m excited to actually cook dinner! It’s been awhile! I have a new product that I received to try so that will be incorporated in tonight’s dinner. Have a great evening!

How long would you give something in the freezer before you threw it out? Obviously, I let things go a little long.

What did you want to be when you grew up? An actress. :)


  1. It can stay in the freezer forever and if its not freezer burned i'm gonna eat it =) haha... the fridge is another story! 4-5 days and its gone baby gone!

    omg you had a MOUND of salad leftover! yum!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Loving having leftovers! Makes dinner so easy.

    Ummm, I'm fine with things in the freezer for quite some time. We keep ours really cold and I always triple wrap stuff.

  3. so i didn't know things could expire in the freezer?! good thing i seem to move every year or so and do a cleanse :)

  4. The fact that you actually have stuff in the freezer and have it labeled is amazing to me. All I have in there are frozen pizzas, frozen rice (bought that way) and frozen veggies. Oh and ice chewies and lunch box ice things and some tequila.

  5. I'm constantly ruining things in the freezer! I have had a 4" mini white cake in there for like a year. Which means if I ever defrost it, it will probably taste like freezer. Ew.


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