143.6…Orange is not my color.

Right after I finished blogging last night, I did indeed have a glass of wine.
May 2011 013
And when we all arrived at our club, I finally had my margarita.
May 2011 014
Life was just right again.

There was a buffet with tons of delicious Mexican food.
May 2011 015
I had salad, loads of guacamole, a shrimp enchilada and a steak taco. I went back for seconds.

I also went back for seconds of dessert.
May 2011 016
Tres Leche cake and a churro drizzled with chocolate. I love Cinco de Mayo.
This morning I had a small bowl of Kellogg's Fiber Plus & Fiber One cereals with almond milk.
May 2011 018
I wanted to keep in light because this morning my daughter’s class held a Mother’s Day breakfast. I didn’t want to go on an empty stomach otherwise I’d attack all the food I saw. I kept things simple and ate a mini wheat bagel with cream cheese.

Next stop: Starbucks for an iced coffee while I waited until it was time for my son’s Mother’s Day program.
May 2011 023
Both programs were completely adorable. I stayed while my son ate his lunch. He gave me the rest of his bean burrito to take home. I actually ate it in the car after I left. I was pretty hungry and there wasn’t time to stop for lunch before my next appointment….
May 2011 035
…a spray tan! I have only had one spray tan before this and it was YEARS ago when the spray tan first came out. Please don't let me turn orange. That's not hot.

Why did I get a spray tan you ask? Because I’m going to LAS VEGAS tomorrow! Yes!! The weather is going to be super warm so there will be a lot of pool time.  I didn’t want to scare anyone with my ghostly white body.
Hubby and I are going to Las Vegas for the Pacquaio/Mosley boxing fight. You know we love our boxing fights! See ya from Las Vegas!

Have you ever had a spray tan?

What’s your favorite place to eat in Las Vegas?


  1. Have fun in Vegas, can't wait to see you in some pictures looking super tan!

  2. Can't wait to hear how the spray tan turns out.
    I don't know what looks better, th1e margarita or the tres leche cake. Oh.M.God!

  3. Ooo my favorite place to eat in Las Vegas is Diablo's Cantina! It's so fun there too with great drinks :) Just wanted to let you know I passed the versatile blogger award on to you, come check out my page and feel free to pass it on to others! :)

  4. Gotta love Vegas...if you're outside at all while your there, you won't need that spray tan lol. I've spray tanned, but not the machine kind. I had the kind where a real person sprays you. It was kind of weird, but my tan looked awesome!!

  5. Food and drinks look awesome!

  6. Hope you are having a fabulous time in Las Vegas!


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