143.6 yesterday…Bread and Cheese

I would have put this post up yesterday but blogger was having issues so I couldn’t. Boo!

Wednesday evening I put on my new kicks and headed over to San Marcos for half marathon track practice.

May 2011 080

We covered a little over 5 miles on the track and doing hills. It was tough!

When I got home I was hungry for something quick. I made a turkey sandwich on some buttermilk bread I recently bought at Target.

May 2011 081

I like this bread! I put a slice of Trader Joe’s Colby Jack cheese on it. My husband was working late last night so I tried to get caught up with American Idol on my DVR. I’m way behind on The Biggest Loser still. I don’t like having tons of shows waiting for me on my DVR. I feel like it’s one more thing that needs to “get done.” Remind me of this during the summer when I have nothing to watch.

Breakfast yesterday morning was more bread and cheese.

May 2011 082

Egg beaters, colby jack cheese and turkey slices all on a toasted English muffin.

The kiddos went to school and I went for a 4 mile run. I didn’t like the path I chose today. Too hilly and it was getting hot out.

Mile 1 – 10:14

Mile 2 – 10:04

Mile 3 – 10:00

Mile 4 – 9:52

I got home and changed and did some bill paying and other random things on my to-do list. Lunch was a repeat of last night’s sandwich because it was so good! I also heated up a can of Trader Joe’s pea soup.

May 2011 083

I got the laundry started and went to pick up the kids from school. I got a car wash (needed one BAD) and took the kids to their “Dog Smart” appointment. Great appointment! The kids did wonderfully around the dogs!

Afterwards it was a quick trip to the toy store so that my son could spend a gift card he received for his birthday.

Dinner last night was another form of bread and cheese.

May 2011 084

I pulled some Ultimate Mac & Cheese out of the freezer and heated that up in the oven. Along with a ton of Cholula hot sauce and a side salad, dinner was complete.

We are taking the kids out of school early today so that we can hit the road for Los Angeles. We have a wedding to go to this weekend. I love weddings.

TODAY is the big blog bake sale day! Don’t forget to head over to Bite by Bite to bid on my Sugar Cookie Bars!!

Do you keep up to date on the shows on your DVR or is it fully loaded like mine?


  1. Buttermilk bread?? I'm intrigued!!

    And I know what you mean! Having a ton of shows piled up to watch stresses me out.

  2. I remember that mac and cheese, but I don't want to! That is one of the foods I avoid at all costs. Maybe I need to start running so I don't have to. :) Thanks for reminding me of the bake sale--I'm going to go check it out!


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