I normally know what I want to eat. I’m usually not very indecisive about food. My husband would disagree. Last night I was not in the mood to cook and had no idea what I wanted for dinner. Usually in these cases I make pasta. But boiling the water for pasta sounded too difficult. I needed something easier. Enter the quesadilla.

May 2011 180

With a side of sour cream and salsa (added after the picture was taken because it’s messy looking) I felt happy again. So happy, in fact, that I made a second quesadilla after I had finished the first. I love me some bread and cheese!

Staying on the bread and cheese topic was breakfast. A breakfast sandwich on a sandwich thin with egg beaters, turkey slices and cheese. I had some strawberries on the side.

May 2011 181

I had planned on running 3 miles after I took the kids to school but I’m still not feeling 100% and didn’t want to push it. My race is next weekend and I don’t want to mess anything up!

Instead I came home to get the laundry started, the fish bowls clean (ick) and showered. On the way out the door, I grabbed a new Larabar flavor: Apple Pie.

May 2011 182

Loved this flavor!!!

I made my way back to my daughter’s school because I was a driver for their field trip to the library. After the field trip, I had 30 minutes before I had to be back at the school for pick up time. I raced over to Quiznos for a quick lunch. Turkey, ranch and Swiss sandwich:

May 2011 185

I got the regular size because I feel like their small size does nothing for me. I was pretty hungry today….the regular size didn’t really fill me up today either. I am an animal.

I picked up my daughter and came home. I want a glass of wine like nobody’s business but I have to pick up my son from a playdate so it will have to wait. Patience.

Tomorrow is my last run with Team in Training before my half marathon next Sunday. After our 8 mile run we will be giving all of the information we need for the race. I cannot believe the time is almost here!!

What do you cook when you are feeling indecisive?

What are you doing this holiday weekend?


  1. I have bronchitis, laryngitis, and pink eye right now. (oy vay?) But, even though I still get ravenously hungry and crave a glass of wine, I am more indecisive about the food, because my usual favorites don't sound as good. Totally normal when sick.

    Love you new blog design!

    (can't get my profile to show up)

  2. OK< I think I know what I'm making for dinner today. Quesadillas sound perfect! I love Quiznos--I always get the traditional and hose on their special sauce--I think it's called Batch 51 or something like that--it's like a spicy sort of barbecue type sauce and I'm obsessed with it. I used to get a regular and then realized a small is plenty for me, but I think the traditional has more cals than a turkey does. Our pastor and his wife are having a Memorial Day barbecue so we'll be spending it with them and others from church. Excited!

  3. Yes! Quesadillas are the best :)

    Unlike you, I'm very indecisive about food. I feel like i don't want to eat something unless I really want it and it sounds really good.

  4. Hey, Mo...we both have pink-eye, but at least we "match" the new blog design, right?! Love it, Animalissa!!

    Quesidilla is my "go to" meal around here...the kids love it, it's fast and easy, and with a little guacamole...Ole'!

  5. By the way, where are all your followers?! And why did you remove my mommedy blog from your blogroll?! Is it 'cuz I haven't posted since August?!


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