We are in Chicago! Long day of  travel yesterday but we finally made it!

Wednesday night my mother in law stayed for dinner and we had my sister in law and her family over. We ordered pizza and salad.

October 2011 266

I went back for a second slice. :) The kids made cupcakes with my mother in law.

October 2011 267

Funfetti! Is there anything better!?! I limited myself to one cupcake but really wanted a second.

Yesterday morning I ate quick breakfast before we went to the airport: English muffin with Teddie peanut butter.

October 2011 268

At the airport I bought a roast beef sandwich to take onto the plane.

October 2011 269

I also split a cheese plate with my husband and I enjoyed a glass of wine.

October 2011 270

I managed to wrangle a second glass for free. :)

After a TON of traffic, we finally made our way to our hotel. We dropped our bags and met some friends for dinner. We were dead set on Giordano’s for stuffed pizza for dinner even though the wait was an hour and 15 minutes. So, we went across the street to have a drink.

October 2011 273

October 2011 274

Finally we were able to sit down for dinner.  We started with some hot wings….they were BOMB.

October 2011 275

Our pizza arrived and we were in heaven.

October 2011 276

October 2011 277


As if that wasn’t enough cheese, we shared a slice of cheesecake for dinner. :)

October 2011 278

My brother in law and his wife arrived from the airport about the same time we got back to our hotel. They wanted Giordano’s too so we sat with them while they ate. Here is a look at their pizza:

October 2011 279

It’s artwork, I tell you.

I slept fabulously last night. My husband went down the street to Starbucks and brought me back a latte. I had that with a Kind bar that I brought.

October 2011 280

We met our friend that we had dinner with last night at the Chicago Board of Trade. He gave us a tour of the trading floor. What an awesome experience! We were not allowed to take photos so you’ll just have to enjoy the outside of the building.

October 2011 284

October 2011 285

October 2011 286

Afterwards we went down the street to Cactus for lunch.

October 2011 281

You’ve seen these things before. I think I have a problem. Hot wings anonymous?

I split sliders with my husband…..

October 2011 282

….and mini tacos.

October 2011 283

I ate one slider and just one taco. The sliders were good but the tacos weren’t. Boo!

The rest of the day was spent shopping with my sister in law. It was utter bliss. I scored a ton of great stuff!

I came back to the hotel to relax a bit. We ate lunch pretty early today and dinner isn’t until 8:15 so my husband went to get lunch number two at The Cheesecake Factory.

October 2011 288

October 2011 289

I ate some of the spinach & artichoke dip (best one ever!) and one slider. I am now enjoying a glass of wine while I get ready to meet another group of friends for dinner.

Tomorrow we are on our way to South Bend, Indiana for the USC  vs.  Notre Dame football game. Fight On Trojans!

 Have you ever had Chicago style stuffed pizza?

Favorite type of pizza? I love thin crust pizza but you cannot beat the stuffed pizza here!


  1. You're in the Midwest! I'm about 3 hours from Chicago...so I know all about deep dish Chicago style pizza. Isn't it the best? Along with football Saturday? Can't beat 'em!


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