144.8…Eggland’s Best Pink Party and a GIVEAWAY!

I LOVE cooking! And I love cooking for good friends….and that’s exactly what I got to do today courtesy of Eggland’s Best Eggs. Today I hosted an brunch in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 005
My mother and grandmother both survived breast cancer so it is a cause near and dear to my heart.
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 006
When Eggland’s Best contacted me to host the brunch, I was honored to contribute what I could to this important cause. I spoke about it a bit yesterday on my blog,  but by hosting this brunch, I will be raising awareness of the cause AND Eggland’s Best will be donating $100 in MY NAME to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. How could I say no!?!
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 016
I really got into the “Pink” theme and decorate everything pink! Even my cocktails were pink!
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 008
Raspberry Truffle Champagne Cocktail (Makes 1)

Printable Recipe

Grenadine and sugar for rim of glass
1 oz. (2Tbsp) Stoli Razpberi Vodka
1 tsp clear Creme de Cacao
3 oz. sparkling wine, well chilled
1 fresh raspberry

Place a small amount of grenadine in a ramekin and some sugar on a plate. Dip the rim of a champagne flute into the grenadine and then into the sugar to coat. Set aside to dry. Pour vodka and crème de cacao in the flute and slowly add the sparkling wine. Float a raspberry in the glass.

*Note: I used plastic champagne flutes and the grenadine and sugar DID NOT work. The grenadine slid down the sides of the glass and made a huge sugary mess. My friend Lisa suggested using agave instead of the grenadine. I used pink sugar to get the pink effect and it worked perfectly! But the grenadine and sugar works just fine with GLASS.

Before everyone came over, I set everything up. The beverage station: champagne cocktails, coffee, water and orange juice.
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 010
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 011
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 012
Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries:
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 004
Eggnog Muffins:
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 015
Pecan Praline Upside-Down French Toast:
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 014
Potato and Boursin Frittata:
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 017
I think this dish was the winner of the day so let me share the recipe with you!

Potato and Boursin Frittata (serves 4 as an entree)

Printable Recipe

8 large eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 cup olive oil
2 cups frozen shredded hash brown potatoes (from a 16 oz bag)
1 bunch scallions, chopped (2 cups)
1 (5 oz) package Boursin garlic-herb cheese, chilled

1. Put oven rack in middle position and preheat oven to 375 degrees. Whisk together eggs, salt, and pepper until just combined.

2. Heat oil in an ovenproof 9 to 10 inch heavy nonstick skillet over high heat until very hot but not smoking. Add potatoes and scallions to oil and some salt and pepper, stirring once, then cover and cook until beginning to brown, about 4 minutes. Stir potato mixture once, then cover and cook 3 minutes more. (Make sure the potatoes cover the bottom of the pan.)

3. Pour beaten eggs evenly over potato mixture and crumble cheese over eggs. Transfer skillet to oven and bake frittata, uncovered, until set and just cooked through, about 15 minutes. At this point, you can broil the top to get it a bit  more brown. Cut into wedges and serve.

I  also served another favorite, Eggs Benedict Casserole with Chive Hollandaise Sauce:
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 018
I made the hollandaise sauce a bit ahead that morning. Ok..I feel the need to explain something. I am the MASTER of do-ahead cooking. If something can be made ahead of time, I am ON IT. It’s so awful to be stressed and constantly busy at your own party.

That being said, sometimes it DOES NOT work out in my favor. Example today: my hollandaise sauce. I made it about an hour before my party and took it off the heat. It was perfect. It was beautiful. You CAN do this ahead but when I went to reheat it, I had too much going on and did not keep an eye on it. Hence my look below:
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 019
That’s the “Oh sh*t! My hollandaise sauce just broke. You CAN fix hollandaise: just add another egg yolk to it while reheating. I tried that..but I had let it go to far.
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 021
My friend Cathi tasted it and declared it was still good to eat….so everyone poured broken hollandaise sauce over their Eggs Benedict Casserole. Not everything is perfect people. :)

I’ll tell you what is perfect…the bacon I made. (In front of the muffins below)
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 013
I dipped bacon in brown sugar and cinnamon and twisted it and baked it. It was basically candy.
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 022
The coffee I served was courtesy of Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker Program. They sent me some of Godiva’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee to try.
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 023
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 001
The verdict: it was a hit! I had several guests who don’t normally enjoy flavored coffees but thought that this was subtle yet delicious!

I think everyone enjoyed themselves. :)
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 024
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 025
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 026
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 028
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 029
Dina really got in the PINK spirit and wore a hot pink bra:
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011 030
You too can get in the PINK spirit by entering my GIVEAWAY! Eggland’s Best has been so gracious to offer this “Pink Box” to one of my readers. Included is:
  • 2 Free EB Dozen coupons (any variety-classic, cage-free, or organic)
  • 1 Free EB Hard Cooked and Peeled variety coupon
  • 4 EB ramekins
  • 1 EB apron
  • 1 EB whisk
  • 1 EB spatula
  • 1 EB egg timer
  • 1 EG eco bag
  • 1 EB plush egg
Eggland's Best Brunch Oct 2011
To enter the giveaway, share an inspiring comment or comment on how you contribute to raising awareness or funding for breast cancer.

You can earn another entry by becoming a follower of my blog. (Click “Join This Site” on the right under Followers. Leave me a comment that you did so.

A third entry is available by following me on Twitter. Please leave a comment that you did so.

The giveaway will run through next Tuesday, October 11th at 5PM PST.

Have you ever made Hollandaise? Success? I’ve made it right before serving before and it was awesome! This time…not so much!

What is your favorite brunch dish?


  1. Everything looks crazy good especially the bacon candy! I haven't made hollandaise in years - it might be time to revisit it. I'm a follower. My Great Grandma was a breast cancer survivor and she lived to the ripe old age of 92.

  2. I have run several of the Susan G Komen races to raise money for BC.

    I have never made homemade hollandaise sauce.

  3. I have many friends and family members who have overcome breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness is near and dear to my heart. As a teacher I am able to influence our future everyday. Being informed is the #1 way to beat any challenge.

  4. I always donate to any friend who is doing a walk for Breast Cancer and every October I make sure I stock up on pink products!

    Favorite brunch dish? A Pumpkin egg bake. So good!

  5. I have donated money this month for breast cancer research....I also urge people to get mammograms.
    My mom is a 5 year breast cancer survivor-she discovered she had cancer because she has a mammoogram every year

  6. follow blog as jelaws5

  7. What a fun brunch! I recently bought a "pink" Susan G. Komen bowl with proceeds going to breast cancer awareness. Neat giveaway!

  8. Your brunch looks fabulous! I love all the foods you listed. That frittata sounds divine and the bacon... well, that bacon is pretty much my idea of heaven. Nice job!

  9. I do the race for the cure.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  10. I'd love to participate in the Race for the Cure, but I had to sit it out this year. Right now, I'm entering codes from my yogurts and pizzas online to donate money!

  11. I love poached eggs served over steamed spinach with siracha with a hemp seed bagel- a girls gotta have some spice in her life.

  12. I love this! YOU did sooo well with the brunch and with all the pink! I did a brinner party and it was NOT as great as yours but it was still fun. Great job, Mel!

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