142.0 yesterday…Tacos & Cupcakes

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend complete with great eats! I know I am! We are back from Los Angeles and had a great time helping my brother celebrate his 32nd birthday!

Yesterday I ate breakfast before we left for Los Angeles. Toasted waffle with Teddie peanut butter and some strawberries.

October 2011 001

We hit the road and stopped for lunch at Don Jose’s. After eating some chips and salsa (I could live on chips and salsa alone), I ate two fabulous fish tacos.

October 2011 002

I love fish tacos! I didn’t eat the rice and beans though….I was saving room for the food at my brother’s birthday party.

We dropped the kids off at their cousin’s house to play and my husband and I went to my brother’s house. My sister in law Stephanie made some incredible appetizers!

October 2011 005

Crostini with white bean dip, mini caprese crostinis, chips and dip.

October 2011 006

Cheese, salami, crackers and this fabulous salad that had black beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados.

October 2011 007

My brother put a TV on the table outside so we could watch football (specifically the Notre Dame football game) while we ate.

Dinner was El Pollo Loco! More tacos!

October 2011 008

There were  burritos, chicken tacos, taquitos, rice, beans, corn, chips and tons of salsa. I ate one soft chicken taco, 2 hard shelled tacos (these rock!) and a taquito.

October 2011 009

Check out how cute Stephanie is in her Notre Dame dress:

October 2011 014

My brother, Neal, and Stephanie went to Notre Dame. Here is my brother (far right) with some of his friends enjoying some pool time while watching the game:

October 2011 018

October 2011 021

During half time, all the desserts came out. So many choice! I brought my famous “Crack Brownies”:

October 2011 022

My brother’s ice cream cake:

October 2011 025

Ever since he was little, he’s had an ice cream cake for his birthday. 

October 2011 038

Stephanie’s friend Lisa brought mini cupcakes from Crumbs. I had never had them before.

October 2011 039

Oh my. These things are amazing. I ate four of them. That’s ok since they are minis. :)

Here are some of the girls:

October 2011 064

After awhile (and some wine) the silliness started. I went to refill my wine and was very excited to see all the contents of my brother’s cooler. :)

October 2011 069

October 2011 070

October 2011 073

That’s one happy girl. :)

Once the game ended (Notre Dame won!), Dance Party USA commenced.

October 2011 080

We really worked up a sweat! I think I burned off some of the massive amount of frosting I ate. My forehead was so sweaty, a napkin stuck when I went to blot it.

October 2011 097

That’s one hot mess.

After the party, my husband and I went to our hotel and went to sleep. This morning, on our way to pick up the kids, I grabbed a latte from Starbucks.

October 2011 003

I meant to eat it with the pictured Larabar but I didn’t because I knew we were going to stop for burgers for lunch. I need to save up every calorie I can!

We stopped along the way at a place called Tommy’s. I had a cheeseburger and fries.

October 2011 004

It was just ok. I ate a few fries and a little more than half my burger.

We have friends coming over tonight for a barbecue so I need to finish prepping all the food. I’m making my favorite Cole slaw and am pretty excited about it!

Before I leave you, I’d like to ask that you pop on over to The Spiffy Cookie’s Blog Bake Sale. I’m donating my Sugar Cookie Bars to help her friend’s brother who was injured in a motorcycle accident. Thanks! You won’t be disappointed! The bake sale runs until October 4th at 8:00AM CST.

Have you ever had Crumbs cupcakes?

What is your favorite cupcake store? I actually haven’t been to any of the big ones!


  1. Hi! Great weekend. I have had crumbs .....just recently. Full size and mini. I like sprinkles better, I decided...just as well as there is no crumbs in Phoenix!!!! The tacos sound yum....I could like on tacos....

  2. Ok..like? How about live on tacos!!! Eek!

  3. This looks like the perfect california fall day - great food and friends - and not to forget the most important part...FOOTBALL!

  4. What a fun weekend filled with wonderful eats! I've never had crumbs but I've had lots of others and Sweet a bakery by me in Orlando, featured on cupcakes wars, is still my favorite!

  5. @Andrea
    Andrea: That's ok...I like on tacos all the time. ;)

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