142.8…Grilled Cheese and Autumn Soups

Last night’s dinner was courtesy of Sunday’s barbeque leftovers.

October 2011 101

Carne asada with onions and cilantro as well as Mexican Bean Salad and Creamy Cole Slaw. I love how the Cole slaw is still crunchy and awesome on day two.

Breakfast this morning was an egg sandwich on wheat toast with a slice of low fat cheese and some strawberries.

October 2011 102

Only the end pieces of the bread were left. I’m the only one in the house who will eat them.

I dropped the kids off at school and drove to Pacific Beach for a cooking class at Great News. I had some time to kill before class started so I ran some errands and stopped at Starbucks for a green tea.

October 2011 103

Today’s cooking class was led by my favorite instructor, Phillis Carey. The class was entitled Grilled Cheese and Autumn Soups. Just when I think Phillis cannot top herself, she goes and does it. All the recipes were beyond incredible.  Each sandwich was paired with a soup.

The first two recipes were Grilled Portabello Panini with Green Olive Pesto and Goat Cheese served with White Bean, Turkey Sausage and Spinach.

October 2011 104

I thought that I wasn’t going to love the sandwich but I was dead wrong. Oh my….the flavors in this sandwich were so fabulous together. It actually blew my mind how good it was! The soup was excellent too! Perfect for a fall day.

The next set of recipes was Bacon, Crab, Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Parmesan Crust served with Cream of Tomato Basil Soup.

October 2011 105

As if things couldn’t get any better! The crab grilled cheese was quite possibly the best sandwich ever. The combo of the crab salad, cheese, tomatoes, bacon and avocado were what dreams are all about. The soup was creamy and comforting and a great match to the grilled cheese.

The next soup was served first because it was ready before its sandwich counterpart. French Onion Soup with Balsamic Onions and Thyme.

October 2011 106

The balsamic added a nice tang to the soup. You can add bread and cheese to it of course but it wasn’t done today because of the mind rocking sandwich served with it: Croque Monsieur (Grilled Ham and Gruyere Sandwich topped with Béchamel Sauce).

October 2011 107

Now that’s how I want my ham and cheese sandwich prepared forever!

I left class with a huge smile on my face! Everything was so delicious! And I loved how it was raining today during this particular class. It felt like fall for sure!

I made a quick trip to Costco (more stuff for Thursday’s brunch) and picked up the kids from school.

Since today is National Taco Day, I thought it would only be fitting to eat the rest of the taco leftovers tonight. :)

Do you eat the end pieces from loaves of bread or do you leave them for someone else?

What’s your favorite thing to add to your grilled cheese sandwich?


  1. I was thinking soup for dinner and reading this just clarified that decision. Ever been to any Mother's Markets stores in OC? They have an amazing organic soup selection on their salad bar...that's exactly where i'm heading after work!

  2. Crab Grilled Cheese?! That sounds amazing. What a great cooking class. Every single thing you made sounds wonderful.

  3. Bacon, Crab, Avocado - for reals?!?! best combo ever. must try soon :)

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