144.2…Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I’m looking forward to taking my kids trick or treating tonight! Just what they need after Saturday’s adventures: more candy.

Even though I was super tired yesterday, I managed to get a ton done around the house. When dinner time rolled around, I had hit my wall and had no energy to cook (or even defrost something…the horror!). Off to PF Changs we went!

I started with some Egg Drop soup.

October 2011 392

My husband and I shared the lettuce wraps. Why are these things so good!?!

October 2011 393

We also shared Chang’s Spicy Chicken and Sesame Chicken. I ate mine with brown rice.

October 2011 394

We each got a mini dessert. I picked the chocolate cake. Well, my son actually picked it and I went along with it. 

October 2011 395

Good choice kid!

Bedtime could not have come fast enough last night. zzzzzzz

When my alarm went off this morning, I was soooo tired! Argh. But I managed to get out of bed and eat some breakfast.

October 2011 396

My last container of Fage yogurt with strawberries and raspberries. My husband took the kids to school and I went to Cardio Muscle class. I was super tired all through class but glad I went and got a workout in.

After class, I went to Costco. I picked up some more Fage yogurt among other goodies.

When I came home I was ready for lunch. Originally I was just going to have a salad but the bagels I brought for this past weekend were calling out to me. Why are bagels so good!?!

October 2011 397

I toasted a honey wheat bagel and topped each half with chive and onion cream cheese. To that I added turkey slices, cucumber slices and lettuce. I did end up having a salad too!

On the way to pick up my daughter I ate these:

October 2011 398

My favorite candy bar EVER.  I have not had a single piece of Halloween candy yet so it was about time. :)

I’m going to leave to pick up my son from school and then we are meeting some friends for trick or treating tonight. I am excited but deep down I secretly wish I was going to be eating hot wings while watching the San Diego chargers kick some booty tonight!

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Favorite Halloween candy?

How often do you eat bagels?


  1. Butterfingers, I love them so much. We weren't at home during trick or treating so there is NO Halloween candy in the house. Kinda nice!


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