142.8…Barbeque Bonanza

Since yesterday’s post was all about my Eggland’s Best Brunch, let’s rewind and check out my other eats!
Wednesday night we met some friends for dinner at Phil’s BBQ in San Marcos.
October 2011 117
Phil’s BBQ is a barbeque institution in San Diego. I have had it twice before at catered events but I’ve never been to the restaurant. I was more than excited! I enjoyed a glass of wine and an amazingly mind blowing meal.
October 2011 118
I ordered the half rack of ribs, Cole slaw and macaroni salad. We all split onions rings. Everything was so freaking delicious. I love me some good barbeque ribs and these rocked! The onion rings were fried perfection!

As if that meal wasn’t decadent enough, we went back to our friends’ house (the husband was celebrating a birthday) and had some chocolaty chocolate cake.
October 2011 119
October 2011 120
It was rich. It was decadent. Now you know why my weight was up so much yesterday. Hehehehe.
Yesterday morning’s breakfast was light and simple. I knew I would be eating a ton of rich foods at my brunch, so I didn’t want to over do it.
October 2011 121
Fiber One Honey Squares with almond milk and a cup of coffee.
Dinner last night after the brunch was simple. I defrosted some stuffed shells with turkey meatballs and made a big salad.
October 2011 122
After the brunch, I had a ton of egg whites left over from my failed hollandaise sauce, so I made an egg white omelet this morning with jalapenos, red onions and cheddar cheese. I had some berries on the side.
October 2011 123
My husband took the kids to school and I went to Cardio Muscle class. I came home and packed us all up for Los Angeles! We are going to my niece’s birthday party on Sunday and thought we’d all spend the weekend there.

We picked up the kids and ate some snacks/lunch in the car.
October 2011 124
Turkey sandwich and Jalapeno Popchips. Once we got to Los Angeles, we stopped at Pina’s Mexican Restaurant. They had THE BEST chips I’ve ever had.
October 2011 125
I guess this was lunch number two? I ate a bunch of chips and guacamole so I wasn’t super hungry but managed to eat a delicious fish taco.
October 2011 126
I love Mexican food. You know what else I love? Sipping champagne on our hotel balcony over looking the water. :)
October 2011 127
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 What are your favorite sides at a BBQ place? I’m a Cole slaw girl all the way!

Any fun weekend plans?


  1. Hi Melissa! I'm checking out your blog for the first time and I have to say, sipping champagne with that view looks amazing! And your BBQ meal - pretty much my ideal "last meal." :)

  2. @Ella, RD
    Hi Ella! Welcome! I agree....that BBQ meal would make a perfect last meal. :)


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