Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back From Paradise

Aloha! Five days in paradise sure went by quickly! Did you miss me?? Do you know what I miss? The views from our hotel…

Hawaii July 2011 002

Hawaii July 2011 003

We stayed at the Fairmont Orchid in Kona and had a great room with a balcony overlooking the ocean. I will never get tired of watching the sun set each night.

Hawaii July 2011 005

The first couple of days were spent mainly by the pool. We bought snorkel equipment and went into the ocean near our hotel. We were able to see huge turtles and an eel. The eel freaked me out. I swear he was looking at me….I got the heck out of dodge.

One of the amazing experiences we had was a night snorkel with manta rays. Everyone got to wear a wet suit and away we went out to sea at sunset.

Hawaii July 2011 001

Sexy huh? :)

Once the sun went down, the company had a float area with flashlights pointing into the water to attract plankton which is what manta rays eat. We only got to see one manta ray (they are HUGE!) but it was awesome nonetheless!

On another day we did a day snorkel trip to a remote area of Kona that was seriously amazing. Beautiful clear water, tons of colorful fish and some dolphins on the boat ride over! The boat had a high dive and a slide right into the ocean. My husband loved the high dive.

Hawaii July 2011 006

In action:

Hawaii July 2011 011

Thursday we decided to drive around the entire island (about 6-8 hours without stops) and to check out the volcano near Hilo.

Even though you cannot currently see lava from the volcano, it was still amazing to see! Check out the steam vents coming out the ground!

Hawaii July 2011 021

I walked into the steam for a picture and was blown away by how hot is was!

Hawaii July 2011 018

Hawaii July 2011 020

Here is a photo of the crater where steam is coming out. Apparently if you take a helicopter over it you can see the lava.

Hawaii July 2011 022

More steam vents:

Hawaii July 2011 025

We walked through the lava tubes where lava used to flow.

Hawaii July 2011 026

Another view of the steam coming out of the crater:

Hawaii July 2011 028

We ended up that night at our favorite restaurant of the trip: Huggo’s in Kona. I didn’t take a picture of anything I ate except for our dessert that night. Mud pie!

Hawaii July 2011 013

It was HUGE!!!! Macadamia nut ice cream, Oreo cookie crust, fudge, whipped cream and more macadamia nuts. It was HEAVEN!

The view from the restaurant at sunset wasn’t so bad either. :)

Hawaii July 2011 014

Friday we spent the day at the pool and then headed to Kona for dinner at Huggo’s AGAIN (we had the Mud pie again) and then we were off to the airport for our red eye flight to Los Angeles. We had a three hour layover there so we went to the Delta lounge. Mind you, we got there at 5AM. Ugh. We did have a couple of celebrity sightings in there: Juliette Lewis and Eliot Spitzer. That’s a lot of excitement at 5AM! :)

Our flight to San Diego arrived at 9:30AM and we were home by 11AM. Since then I’ve been playing with the kiddos, doing laundry and unpacking. Sleep is going to be FABULOUS tonight!

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep?

Are you able to sleep on planes? Me: Nope! :(

Sunday, July 24, 2011

145.0…A Day At The Races

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday….I was enjoying a day at the pony races!

Friday for lunch I had a half a bagel with some peanut butter.

July 2011 111

I bought bagels at Trader Joes because my sister in, brother in law and one of their sons was going to be staying with us for the weekend so I thought they’d be good for breakfast. I rarely buy bagels (because I’d eat them all!) and  these bagels were really good!

Later on I picked up the kids at the bus stop and came home. For dinner we took my nephew to Pei Wei. I split Pei Wei Spicy Chicken and Sesame Chicken with my husband. Here’s my plate:

July 2011 112

We went to Sweet Things for frozen yogurt afterwards. I just had a little Thin Mint Cookie flavor with some cookie dough & Reeses peanut butter cup pieces.

July 2011 113

Saturday morning I had another half a bagel with cream cheese. Eventually I ate the other half too. See….I will eat all the bagels.

July 2011 114

It was time to get ready to meet our friends at the Del Mar Racetrack.

July 2011 115

July 2011 116

For lunch, I ordered a turkey sandwich with Cole slaw. It was so good! 

July 2011 117

Yes, there’s guacamole on there. Nice!

It was my friend’s birthday and she had picked out a special cake for a Hawaiian bakery.  Check out how colorful it was!

July 2011 118

I didn’t bet on a single horse. I just had fun hanging out with family & friends.

This morning we are leaving for Hawaii! I won’t be blogging  there because my laptop isn’t back from being repaired yet. :( I do have my phone so I can keep up with reading blogs/twitter. I plan to relax and do nothing in Hawaii. I am really looking forward to it!

See you next weekend! Have a great week!

Have you ever been to a racetrack? 

What does your week look like? Busy? Laid back?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Breakfast Burrito of Champions

I’m back from Los Angeles! It was a quick trip but I had a great time!

Yesterday I didn’t have time for lunch before I left for the  train station so I packed a lunch to take with me.

July 2011 107

Turkey Sandwich, grapes, Wheat Thins and a Trader Joe’s mini S’mores (which Jessica at How Sweet It Is just recreated!).

The train was late and the cab I got in to take me to my brother’s office broke down. I think the cab driver thought I was going to wait while he had someone jump start the car. He got his jumper cables out and everything. I got out and found  another cab. Finally I arrived at his office and we left for my brother in law’s work party at Craft Steakhouse in Century City.

I was a bad blogger and didn’t take any photos while I was there. You see, it’s hard to snap pictures when holding a clutch, a glass of wine (that the waiters kept refilling) and eating every appetizer that passed by you.  The food was amazing!  They had these little short rib sliders that blew my mind.

My husband arrived and we enjoyed the rest of the evening chatting with friends and family. Eventually we made our way to our hotel and called it a night.

This morning after we got up, we hit the road for home. I was about to break out my Larabar for breakfast when my husband declared that we were going to Chano’s for breakfast.

What is Chano’s you ask? Well, it’s a place that we ate at in college all the time. It was an institution. It held and still holds a special place in our hearts. It is a tiny place that sells Mexican food. Awesome Mexican food. In a pretty crappy part of Los Angeles.

July 2011 108

My mouth was watering as I ordered my breakfast burrito. The anticipation was killing me.

July 2011 109

Yes! Eggs, salsa, cilantro and cheese all wrapped up in tortilla goodness with the most amazing hot sauce you’ve ever poured on anything.  Oh Chano’s….I love you. Sorry Larabar.

My husband dropped me off at the train station to pick up my car and I went to get a spray tan for Hawaii (I cannot subject people to my pale body in a bikini).

I came home and the hubby went to a meeting. I felt hungry so I had some watermelon.

July 2011 110

I still feel hungry. Wish I had another burrito.

What would be in your ideal burrito?

What are you plans this weekend? We are going to the Del Mar Racetrack tomorrow to celebrate a friend’s birthday and then we are off to Hawaii on Sunday!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

146.2…A Sushi Romance

I love sushi. Sushi is art. It makes my eyes and stomach very happy. I am in love.

My love affair started last night at Love Boat sushi with some girlfriends. We shared some edamame.

July 2011 101

I had a glass of wine.

July 2011 102

And I soon fell head over heals in love with all the sushi we shared.

July 2011 103

July 2011 104

July 2011 105

Just looking at the beauty of it makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Seriously now…I could eat sushi every day. It is such a treat to eat it! My husband won’t touch it and I have a few friends who like some of it but not enough to share the things I like. One friend in particular, Alicia, loves all the same things I do. We are food twins you could say.  Well she came with us last night so I was in heaven sharing all my favorite rolls with her. Yeah for girls’ night!!

Breakfast this morning was an English muffin with Barney Butter and some cantaloupe.

July 2011 106

I took the kids to the bus for camp and then went to both Pilates and Zumba classes.  I came home to quickly shower and get packed. I have to catch a train soon for Los Angeles. I’m going to my brother in law’s work function there tonight.

Sorry to be quick but I gotta get cracking if I’m going to make my train!

Sushi fan? Do your friends/family share your love of sushi?

Do you ever take the train? I love the San Diego-Los Angeles train. I can sit back, read and let someone else do the driving for me. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

146.2…A Steak of Greatness

Thanks for all the well wishes for our anniversary!! I was so happy all day yesterday!

When I was getting ready for our night out, I enjoyed a glass of wine.

July 2011 092

Then we were off to Ruths’ Chris Steakhouse. I swear my mouth was watering the entire drive over there.

We were seated right away and the hostess put rose petals all over our table. I thought the evening called for a glass of champagne!

July 2011 093

I ordered the Wedge Salad for my appetizer. I LOVE this salad. It’s so simple but the lettuce is so fresh and I love their ranch dressing (which I substituted for the blue cheese).

July 2011 094

My husband and I split the filet mignon. I like my steak medium rare  and he likes it medium so he cut all the ends off for himself. We ordered the creamed spinach and potatoes au gratin.

July 2011 095

I think their creamed spinach is the best I’ve ever had. I’ve never tasted a better one. I took a couple bites of the potatoes but I’m not a big potato person (unless they’re French fries) so I let the hubby dominated that one.

I don’t eat a ton of steak so I really enjoyed every bite of this one.  I also had a side of shrimp which I had to send back because they were barely warm. Ick. They took the shrimp off the bill and hooked me up with a glass of wine. Thanks! That’s what I call awesome customer service!

July 2011 096

We choose the cheesecake for our dessert and they brought it with a candle and on a plate that said “Happy Anniversary”.

July 2011 097

Their cheesecake is spot on. I planned on only having a couple bites but I couldn’t help myself. :)

I was pretty darn full when I got home so I just rolled myself into bed. What a great night!!

Breakfast this morning was a waffle (that I toasted too long) with peanut butter and some watermelon. I’m finally making a dent in my watermelon collection!

July 2011 098

After taking the kids to the bus for camp, I went to Zumba. The newer instructor teaches it on Wednesday and I’m not super excited about her class. We don’t move around enough for my liking so I don’t burn as many calories (according to my heart rate monitor) as I do with the other instructor. Good thing I’ll be at her class tomorrow!

Lunch was leftover Chicken Cashew Stir Fry with brown rice:

July 2011 099

Then I started to clean out my closet. Another time consuming job. Like my bathroom, there’s a whole lot of stuff in there! I made a good dent in there today. I was able to free up a couple of shelves where I put my jeans (they were hanging before).

I picked up the kids and came home for a snack.

July 2011 100

Tortilla with deli chicken slices and mustard. I’m going out to sushi (yes!!) with the girls tonight and I didn’t want to go starving. I can eat sushi like nobody’s business and do not need to go there famished. I’m sure I’ll do a lot of damage there as it is!

Do you fold your jeans or hang them?

Do you eat a snack before going out to dinner?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

144.2…Eight Years Ago Today

Eight years ago, I married my best friend.




I cannot believe eight years has gone by. My wedding was one of the happiest days of my life. This calls for a celebration, don’t you think? :)

Dinner last night was amazing.

July 2011 087

I made a recipe for Chicken-Cashew Stir Fry from Cooking Light’s May 2000 issue.

July 2011 088

It was so simple to make and tasted like something I’d eat in a restaurant. I was so impressed! I ate it on top of brown rice. Try it!!!

Breakfast was Fage yogurt, the last of the Trader Joe’s low-fat berry granola (which ended up being stale), strawberries and raspberries.

July 2011 089

I took the kids to the bus for camp and went to Cardio Muscle class. I was already really sore from yesterday (200 squats!) so the beginning of  the class was challenging but my muscles finally loosened up and I was able to get a good sweat in.

Lunch was Subway.

July 2011 090

Side Note: I really wish Subway would ask people if there order was “for here or to go” so they wouldn’t waste all those plastic bags. I always have to decline the bag and they get all flustered. Habit I guess. :)

I went to Target to buy my son’s school supplies (is it that time already??). I loved buying my school supplies when I was a kid. Even now going through all the pens and markers gets me a little giddy. :)

On the way home, I decided it was very important for me to stop for frozen yogurt. It had been way too long!

July 2011 091

I stopped at Sweet Things and got a variety of flavors in my cup: Cake Batter, Belgian Chocolate, Cappuccino, and New York Cheesecake. YUM!

After I pick up the kiddos, I need to get ready for my anniversary date with my hubby tonight. We are going to Ruths’ Chris Steakhouse and I am beyond excited. I can already taste it now…..

Favorite frozen yogurt flavor?

What would your last meal on Earth be? The exact one I’m having tonight. :)