143.6…Eating The Ends

I guess my lunch yesterday really kept me full. For dinner I wasn’t super hungry and was feeling especially lazy so I made a turkey sandwich.

July 2011 033

All I had left were the end pieces of the loaf of wheat bread. No one likes them in my family. I think they are ok so I eat them. But I don’t like the ends of firmer breads like baguettes. I like the softer middles. :)

For breakfast I made an egg beater sandwich on a wheat English muffin with a slice of low fat Swiss cheese. I had some cantaloupe as well.

July 2011 034

I took the kids to the bus for camp and went to an awesome Cardio Muscle class.

My husband was working from home today and suggested we go to lunch. We decided on The Pantry in Rancho Santa Fe. We sat outside on their patio. I ordered the Bulgur, Chicken and Avocado salad.

July 2011 035

Fresh, healthy and delicious.

I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, cleaning out my email and booking at trip for my husband and I for our anniversary. We are going to Hawaii at the end of the month. Aloha!

I picked up the kids and threw another banana bread in the oven. They ate the other loaf in one day. We are going to barbeque tonight so I need to start getting that together. Have a great evening!

Are you a fan of the end pieces of bread?

Do you like bulgur?


  1. Busy busy day! I'm a middle person. I feed the ends to my dogs haha!

  2. That salad looks wonderful! I've never had bulgur but want to try it and nope... can't eat the ends. Don't know why? I give it to Austin! He's a fan!

  3. I love the end pieces of hot fresh bread but not packaged sandwich bread.I would totally naw on the end of any banquettes that you don't want! I've never had bulgur-but I have an feeling I'd like it.

  4. Can I just ask out of curiosity what your husband does for a living that allows for such a flexible travel schedule? It seems like you guys are out of town or on vacation a lot! Do you have childcare help?

  5. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for visiting the blog! My husband owns his own company so his work hours are flexible. Back in the day when he started the company, he was so busy that I never saw him! It's so much better now. :) The kids travel with us a ton but when they don't we have family/babysitters who help us out.

  6. Your kids are banana bread fiends! lol. I eat the ends of the bread, but I prefer not to. I just can't bear to waste them. I do like bulgar. I don't think there is a grain I don't like. My husband likes to cook a pot of coarse bulgar up for breakfast and eat it drizzled with honey. He grew up eating that for bfast.

  7. i've never tried bulgur, but i think i need to experiment!

  8. I have recently found a love for the ends in homemade bread or very good bread. Otherwise I like the middle too!


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