145.0…A Day At The Races

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday….I was enjoying a day at the pony races!

Friday for lunch I had a half a bagel with some peanut butter.

July 2011 111

I bought bagels at Trader Joes because my sister in, brother in law and one of their sons was going to be staying with us for the weekend so I thought they’d be good for breakfast. I rarely buy bagels (because I’d eat them all!) and  these bagels were really good!

Later on I picked up the kids at the bus stop and came home. For dinner we took my nephew to Pei Wei. I split Pei Wei Spicy Chicken and Sesame Chicken with my husband. Here’s my plate:

July 2011 112

We went to Sweet Things for frozen yogurt afterwards. I just had a little Thin Mint Cookie flavor with some cookie dough & Reeses peanut butter cup pieces.

July 2011 113

Saturday morning I had another half a bagel with cream cheese. Eventually I ate the other half too. See….I will eat all the bagels.

July 2011 114

It was time to get ready to meet our friends at the Del Mar Racetrack.

July 2011 115

July 2011 116

For lunch, I ordered a turkey sandwich with Cole slaw. It was so good! 

July 2011 117

Yes, there’s guacamole on there. Nice!

It was my friend’s birthday and she had picked out a special cake for a Hawaiian bakery.  Check out how colorful it was!

July 2011 118

I didn’t bet on a single horse. I just had fun hanging out with family & friends.

This morning we are leaving for Hawaii! I won’t be blogging  there because my laptop isn’t back from being repaired yet. :( I do have my phone so I can keep up with reading blogs/twitter. I plan to relax and do nothing in Hawaii. I am really looking forward to it!

See you next weekend! Have a great week!

Have you ever been to a racetrack? 

What does your week look like? Busy? Laid back?


  1. Leaving for Hawaii?! Have I told you yet that I want your life?! You're always traveling to fun places on the go, eating yummy stuff and staying thin - winning! :)

  2. Love the colors in that cake!! Have an amazing trip!

  3. I am with Kelly of fitting back in - you travel more than anyone else I know - lucky!

    Have a wonderful time - we used to go to the racetrack a lot, but now its too many steps for my husband - need to figure out how to get back there it is so much fun, even if I don't bet more than $5 a race!

  4. That cake is so cool! I love the colors. Were they different flavors?

    Looks like an awesome trip!


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