145.0…Last Minute Dinner Party

I was pretty productive yesterday afternoon. I cleaned out some more bathroom drawers and completed a project I’ve been meaning to finish for awhile. My Half Marathon Shadow Box!

July 2011 042

I hung it in my laundry room. Now I can feel pride every time I’m doing the laundry. :)

Before getting ready for Bunco, I had a piece of zucchini bread. Gosh this stuff is good.

July 2011 043

My daughter feels differently. She said she doesn’t like it. When I pointed out that she never actually tried it, her response was “I see things in it.” Yep. 

Bunco last night was at my friend Michelle’s house. I was greeted by tons of delicious appetizers when I came in.

July 2011 044

Michelle makes an unbelievable bruschetta. I ate a ton of that as well as these “Caprese sticks.” At least that’s what I call them….a cherry tomato, a little mozzarella ball and a piece of basil on a toothpick all drizzled with balsamic glaze. Oh my! So simple yet so good! I will have to make these for a party for sure. I must have eaten 8 of them. Easily.

Michelle also made a fabulous cocktail.

July 2011 045

It had Prosecco and Limoncello in it and it rocked my face off.

July 2011 046

Dinner was an assortment of different summer salads. I should have taken a picture of them but I was starving (yes even after the gigantic amount of tomatoes I ate) so I just dug in. My plate:

July 2011 048

So refreshing and light!

Do you know what else Michelle made??? Homemade cream puffs!

July 2011 047

Holy crap. They were amazing.

July 2011 049

I had one (restraint!) as well as a delicious chocolate whoopie pie.  I practically floated home with a happy belly. :)

This morning I wasn’t feeling too hungry (I wonder why?) so I just had a bowl of Trader Joe’s Strawberry Yogurt O’s cereal with raspberries and almond milk.

July 2011 050

I took the kids to the bus for camp and went to Zumba. Class was a little slow today. Our normal instructor has been on vacation for the past couple of weeks and I’m really starting to miss her extreme cardio. :)

So……last night before I left for Bunco, my husband let me know that we were having a bunch of business associates of his over for a barbeque the next night. Ah…thanks for the heads up dude.

So…..I quickly came up with a meal plan, raced to the grocery store and came home to get my cook on. I knew time was limited so I grabbed something quick for lunch.

July 2011 051

Spicy Tuna/Avocado roll and a Spicy Salmon/Avocado roll all on brown rice. Yes I ate both packages.

The rest of the day I’ve spent prepping all the food. I actually finished the prep work a lot faster than expected…I guess I’m getting good at this!

My fridge is full and ready for a party!

July 2011 052

Tonight’s Menu:

Pollo Asado tacos with all the fixings

Mexican Corn & Bean Salad

Cole Slaw

Guacamole, salsa and chips

My Famous Spicy Cheese Dip


Toffee Brownies aka Crack Brownies

Wanna come over? :)

If you had a few hours to throw together a dinner party, what would you make?

What’s your favorite song on the radio right now?


  1. Your bunco spread looked fabulous. I almost always have a sugar/junk food hangover the day after a bunco night! (I swear to do better each time as well - ha ha)

    We're having company tonight as well. I have tortillas made, salad prepped and chicken marinating for fajitas. Hopefully it will all turn out as deliciously as I hope.

  2. Leave it to a guy to tell you the day before! Hope you have time to get everything done.

  3. I'll come over - that menu sounds great! Too bad I'm in IA and your in CA, not exactly a quick trip:)

    Love your new design:)

  4. I'm the worst host ever. I'd order pizza!! My hubby on the other hand would come up with something fancy as pizza would never do for him.

  5. Oh, and I hang stuff in the laundry room too. Stuff I like but don't really want in the house 'cause it doesn't quite fit.

  6. Looks like a great spread at Bunco! I can relate to the morning after little meal. I enjoyed a little too much focaccia bread last night, so this morning just had a protein shake.

    Your menu does sound delicious!

  7. you are a machine in the kitchen!! love the sound of this meal plan.

  8. Loving all the party foods! Look delicious! So funny about your daughter! Some people act so weird when they hear "Zucchini Bread?"


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