146.6…Dinner By The Sea

Last night we went over to our friend’s new house in La Jolla. Their home is on a hill overlooking the water and the view was breathtaking. Besides us, there were 3 other couples enjoying a beautiful La Jolla sunset.

As soon as we arrived, the wine was poured and a gorgeous antipasto platter was put out. Check out this gorgeous arrangement:

July 2011 006

I enjoyed some wine and appetizers while looking at this:

July 2011 007

Holy view Batman!! If I lived there I would stare at this forever.

When dinner was ready we all came inside and helped ourselves to some salad….

July 2011 008

…and two different kinds of pasta: penne with Bolognese sauce and a fettuccine with mushrooms. I had a bit of both sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

July 2011 009

Both pastas were amazing! I cleaned my plate!

Dessert was ice cream, chocolate sauce and beautiful berries.

July 2011 010

July 2011 011

We stayed late talking and laughing. I enjoyed myself immensely. The food, views and company were outstanding! :)

I guess I was still on a raspberry kick this morning so I added some to my Trader Joe’s Strawberry O’s cereal with almond milk.

July 2011 012

I took the kids to the bus for camp and went to my Cardio Muscle class. I came home to shower, start the laundry and clean up my desk a little.

Lunch was tuna salad on top of romaine & cherry tomatoes. I drizzled everything with balsamic vinegar.

July 2011 013

That’s a big ass bowl!

I made a trip to UPS to send my netbook in for service. It won’t turn on anymore. :( I went to the grocery store afterwards to get some food for this weekend.

I picked up the kids from camp and dinner got made. Oh look….another salad!

July 2011 015

And my favorite stuffed shells! I sautéed some zucchini, mushrooms and onions to go with it.

July 2011 014

Tonight we are just going to chill at home. I’m excited to do nothing!

 What are you up to this weekend?

What’s your favorite appetizer to make when entertaining?


  1. The view from your friend's house is amazing! And your dinner looks great too.

  2. So elegant! I love it. I like to just do crackers, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella. Plus a little balsamic. Yummy!

  3. Oh my the antipasto platter would have been enough to keep me busy all night, but the pastas too??? Seriously, I get why you went to your cardio muscle class today.

    I love your salad in the mixing bowl. I do that too from time to time. It takes a lot of lettuce to fill me up sometimes. hehe


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