Ouch. I deserved that. Time to get back to basics my friends.

Last night’s dinner at the club was fun but I wasn’t even hungry for dinner. But of course I ate anyway. And had more wine. I am the master of consumption. :)

January 2011 115

Wedge salad:

January 2011 116

Ahi Tempura Roll:

January 2011 117

And then I blew up.

This morning I awoke, refreshed and ready to clean up my act.  Breakfast was Fage yogurt, Kellogg’s Fiber Plus cereal, strawberries and blackberries:

January 2011 118

Hubby took the kids to school so I got dressed and went to Cardio Muscle class. It felt good getting a great workout in. I had an apple afterwards:

January 2011 119

I had a dermatologist appointment (my ears are not agreeing with me wearing earrings lately), got a MUCH needed car wash and grabbed Subway for lunch while my car was being washed.

January 2011 120

I picked up the kids and am enjoying a cup of coffee. Dinner will be early tonight because I have to take my son to an event as his school. Peace out!

How often do you get your car washed? I normally am very bad about getting my car washed but since getting my new car, I’m trying to be better about it.

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  1. Haha do you want me to answer that?

    NEVER! I have had the same car since high school. My poor neglected malibu has been washed by me a handful of times but not since high school...

    and I am about to turn 27. ooooops! dirty dirty car!

  2. Not very often, but it really doesn't get to dirty around here, unless it rains, or there is a dust storm. Not often this time of the year.

  3. Um I hose my car down once or twice in the summer lol Oh and that tempura roll has me CRAVING sushi right now!

  4. your breakfast was really healthy, love all the fruit!
    i NEVER wash my car!! rarely!!

  5. I don't have a car right now, but when I did...I have never once washed it. Hahah! I'm the queen of Lazy and Cheap.

    I love sushi when it's fried. I don't usually like rice, but add some deep-fried crunchy stuff to it and I'm all over it!

  6. Love your blog! And I too am master of consumption!

    I drive an hour to work in the snow, sludge, and sleet-my car is black and looks like a train reck-I have a zillion "free car washes" and yet never take it in bc it's just not worth it-I am envious of the other clean cars that drive around....I really need to get on top of that!

  7. Dinner looks tasty, especially the salad. I wash my car every few months.


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