I was feeling like berries this morning so I put together a parfait of sorts with Fage yogurt, Kellogg’s Fiber Plus cereal, raspberries and blackberries:

January 2011 094

I took the kids to school and then went to Zumba. I hadn’t been in awhile so it was nice to be back!

I came home to shower and make lunch:

January 2011 095

Turkey sandwich with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, jack cheese slice and mustard. On the side was some veggies with hummus.

Then it was off to my wax appointment, to the mall to get some snow clothes for the kids (we may go to Big Bear this weekend), get my son’s bike fixed and to Trader Joe’s. Whew!

When I got home finally, it was snack time! Hubby and I are going out to dinner tonight later so I needed something substantial to hold me over.

January 2011 096

A Starbucks tea I picked up, toast with peanut butter and a pineapple spear.

We are meeting some friends at a restaurant I’ve never been to. Excited!!

Do you know how to ski/snowboard? I don’t and have no desire to ever learn. I’d rather just look at the snow from inside. :)


  1. I lived in FL my entire life.. up til now! so I've never done either! I heart beaches and swimming way more i'm sure!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. I'm with you. The only way I'd ever go on a ski trip is if there is lots of vino and a nice spa that I can take advantage of while others ski!

  3. I really would like to learn how to ski, I have NEVER tried it.

  4. I was craving a parfait today too! But mine didn't have those luscious looking fresh berries. I'm afraid to ski - would rather be inside too - next to the fire.


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