We met some friends at Pacific Coast Grill in Solana Beach last night for dinner.


January 2011 097

Appetizers….Chicken Spring Rolls:

January 2011 098

Guacamole and Chips:

January 2011 099

I ordered the Ahi Tuna for my entree:

January 2011 100

It was delicious! It was served with sticky rice, eggplant and some wasabi. Nice!

Of course we had room for dessert! Chocolate peanut butter brownies with ice cream:

January 2011 101


Breakfast this morning was an egg beater sandwich on a bagel thin with Swiss cheese and a side of strawberries.

January 2011 102

I took both kids to school and then went on another walk. Afterwards I went to event at my daughter’s school.

I came home to change and make lunch. Another ginormous salad!

January 2011 103

Mixed greens, cucumber, shredded carrots, tomatoes, chicken and balsamic vinaigrette.

I ran some errands and got everyone packed for Lake Arrowhead. We decided last minute hit the road for the snow after picking up the kiddos from school. We arrived at Lake Arrowhead around dinner time, checked into our hotel and then went to a pizza place nearby for dinner.

Caesar salad:

January 2011 104


January 2011 105


January 2011 106

I love having pizza in the mountains. Don’t ask me why but it’s just comforting. We made a quick trip to the grocery store for some supplies including the very important Oreo cookies. :) Good night!

Any fun weekend plans? 


  1. Chocolate peanut butter brownies?!
    I wish they'd sell this kind of stuff in Brazil :D

  2. I had the same entree at Pacific Coast Grill this past summer when we were in SD! Loved the tuna while sitting out in the sun on their patio.
    Our FAVORITE coffee place in the Solana Beach Coffee Co. right there as well.


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