141.8…Did I really skip a meal?

Well, there was no hamburger at The Hamburger Factory last night. But…there was wine…
January 2011 011
And hot wings…
January 2011 012
And fried shrimp and fries.
January 2011 013
And everything was delicious. I was a happy girl with a food coma when I went to bed.
Some strange things happened today.
My kids slept until 8AM. That means I slept until 8AM. Unheard of.
Since I had Cardio Muscle class at 9Am, I had time to get ready and go. No breakfast. Unheard of!!!
I was planning on eating when I got back but the hubby wanted to go out to lunch and see a movie. OK! Let’s move right to lunch then!
We went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. I had a cup of their Asparagus soup:
January 2011 014
And a half Miso salad:
January 2011 015
Everything was delicious!! We saw “The Fighter”. Being a boxing fan, I really enjoyed it.
We made a quick stop to Trader Joe’s and then home. I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon paying bills and getting things organized. I had some grapes for a snack:

January 2011 016

The kids have been begging to go to Souplantation for a few days so we are taking them tonight.

Do you see movies in the theater often? We definitely do not.


  1. Oh Souplantation... I think I want it again! ahaha

  2. We don't go to movies often...we took the girls to Tangled a few weeks ago and that was the first time we went to a movie in a long time!!

    I love California Pizza Kitchen! YUM!

  3. We don't do the theater often - I prefer to rent and watch at home so I can pause them. We do like seeing blockbuster action flicks at the movies though - so much better on the silver screen! I'm glad you liked your movie - and that CPK soup looks good!

  4. Ooh, that CPK miso salad looks good. I've only seen one movie in the theater since Ava was born (18 mos.) and that was Sex and the City 2.

  5. We try and go-but it ends up being like once a month (if that). I love California Pizza Kitchen and there isn't one anywhere close:(


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