Oh my...check out that weight "gain". Could it have anything to do with all the delicious eats I had last night for my anniversary dinner? Decide for yourself. :)

We went to my favorite restaurant, Firenze, to celebrate. I kept it to one piece of bread when the bread basket arrived:

We shared a bottle of Chianti:

Split our favorite salad: Chopped Caesar:

I ordered my favorite pasta: Calamari Marinara:

They have taken it off the menu (!!) but can still make it if requested. Thank goodness!

They surprised us with some Tiramisu:

The happy couple:

Hubby isn't a big fan of Tiramisu...he had his eye on the Tartufo:

Of course I had some too. We demolished both desserts. I ate every single bite of my pasta. I went to bed with a huge food baby. It was worth every delicious bite. Be still my heart.

Ok, so what happens after a night of extreme indulgence? Getting back on track, that's what! Breakfast was a light wheat English muffin with more of Trader Joe's raw almond butter with a side of watermelon:

I took the kiddos to camp and went to spin class. My quads are KILLING me from yesterday's Cardio Muscle class. After about 15 minutes of spin, they started to loosen up a bit.

After changing, it was lunch time. I had errands to run so what do I normally eat when out? Yup...Subway. I just don't know what else to eat when I'm out that's not a ton of calories. Scary world out there people!! :)

Then it was off to Target....I needed everything. I got gas and came home to put it all away. Snack time....hummus and carrots:

Then it was off to pick up the kids. I came home and put another banana bread in the oven. I seem to acquire squishy bananas quite often lately huh?

Then I was hungry again. I'm planning on walking with Lisa in a bit, so dinner won't happen until later so enter snack number two: La Tortilla Low carb tortilla with turkey slices and mustard and a pickle on the side:

I hope my quads allow me to walk up the fire hill today.....better yet...I hope I can still walk tomorrow! :)
What are you having for dinner tonight? I think it will be leftovers for me!


  1. Calamari marinara?!?! Sign me up for that. It looks absolutely delicious! Happy anniversary!

  2. Great pictures! That calamari marinara looks INSANE! Your "gain" will come back down like it always does - you're like the queen of maintenance.

    Tonight i'm supposed to have (per my meal plan) beef & bean enchiladas but I REALLY feel like making something new.... so we'll see! :)

  3. I work in downtown Chicago and am surrounded by every type of food you could ever want at lunchtime...but on those days I forget to bring my own, where do I usually find myself? SUBWAY! As you said, it's the only place where I feel like I'm not eating my entire day's worth of calories in one sitting! I'm with ya, girl!


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