I can't believe it's already Thursday. How did that happen?

Before my walk with Lisa yesterday, I had some juicy watermelon:

We had a great walk but boy was it hot!! We only went up the "fire hill" twice this time and walked up another hill....longer but not as steep. For dinner, I went with an egg white omelet with tons of veggies, side of salsa and the last of the pico de gallo. I need to make more!

I went to sleep early and it felt great! Breakfast this morning was an egg beater sandwich on a bagel thin with a slice of low fat swiss cheese. On the side was some cantaloupe and strawberries:

I took the kids to camp and then went to Zumba. I came home to change and then went drop my car off to have it washed....it was past it's time. :) There's a Subway next door so that was lunch:

Sweet Things frozen yogurt was next to Subway, so of course I had to go in!

I had a little bit of Peanut Butter & Cake Batter flavors with a few cookie dough pieces. I couldn't resist!

Then it was off to my nail appointment and to pick up the kids from camp. We are going to dinner tonight with some friends so stay tuned for some yummy eats!

Is there a snack type of food that dangerous for you? (You can't stop eating it). I have no control around Wheat Thins. I can eat an entire box in one sitting. Peanut butter pretzels are deadly as well. :)


  1. I have no control over cake (with frosting!) as evidenced this week, and soft serve frozen yogurt. I am more of a sweets girl than salty snacks.

  2. Jalapeno chips in any form are dangerous. I'll eat the entire bag!

  3. Salt and Pepper Chips, they are so darn good!

  4. Mmm, that bfast sandwich looks DELISH! I have NO control with froyo. Especially the places in NYC that let you serve yourself. That should seriously be against the law--my cup always like $8, which is just ridiculous. Ohh and pita chips! Can't.ever.STOP.



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