Dinner last night was so good! We went to my favorite restaurant: Firenze. Before we left, I had a glass of wine at home:

I had a piece of bread with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and parmesan as soon as the bread basket arrived at the table:

More wine:

Our friends wanted to order a cheese plate for the table:

Mmmm.....cheese and wine!!!

Hubby and I split our normal salad: Chopped Caesar:
I ordered the Shrimp Casanostra for my entree (jumbo shrimp, mushrooms, asparagus and arugula sauteed with shallots, olive oil and white wine served over papardelle pasta):
I had mine with a red sauce because I had a hankering for it! :) So good! This was a new dish for me. Doesn't beat their Calamari Marinara but it came close!

Everyone was having dessert so how could I say no?? Hubby and I split the Chocolate Lava Cake:

Wine, cheese, chocolate, good friends....does it get any better than that?? I went to sleep a very happy camper!

Today when I woke up, I was ready to get back on track! Breakfast was a slice of Ezekiel toast with almond butter and a side of cantaloupe and strawberries:

I took the kids to camp and went to Cardio Muscle class and then Zumba. Way to burn a ton of calories!! Afterwards it was off to Subway (again!) for my turkey usual:
Subway was near all my errands today so it seemed to make sense even though I had it yesterday. I went to the dry cleaners, pharmacy, toy store (birthday gifts for some of my kid's friends, and the grocery store).

On the way to pick up the kids from camp, I snacked on some grapes:
After we got home, I had another snack: turkey slices wrapped around pickles:
I did a few loads of laundry and then my kids and I planted our vegetable garden. Let's hope I don't kill everything like I did last year! Here's to remembering to water them!

We took the kids to Pei Wei for dinner. The usual.....kid's size honey seared shrimp, brown rice and veggies:

We came home and jumped in the pool. It was a hot one today and the pool felt great! Afterwards, I broke into a new cereal for dessert:

I had mine with almond milk. It was pretty good...not the best cereal I've had but it will do. :)

Kids are in bed and I'm going to hop into mine too. :)
Doing anything fun this weekend?


  1. Mmmm...your dinner looks amazing last night. We went to happy hour tonight with friends, and tomorrow night we are having another couple over for dinner (and their newborn baby boy.)


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