Ahh....it's amazing how much better I feel after one day of healthy eats!!!

Last night's dinner was a leftover concoction. I took the Spanish Style Quinoa I made the other day and put it in a red bell pepper with a little cheese on top and baked it. I made some black beans mixed with salsa for the side:

It was so good! I loved it!! I've actually never made any sort of stuffed peppers before so this was new to me!

Dessert was Trader Joe's low fat Vanilla Granola with dried cranberries, jumbo raisins and almond milk:

I was sleeping very soundly until I was awoken to the sound of a large bug flying around the room running into the windows. The bug sounded HUGE. I was freaked out. I had to wake up the hubby to take care of it. I'm not usually like that....I squash my own bugs. This particular bug sounded freakishly big. Hubby opened the balcony door and I think it must have flown out because I didn't hear it after that. Ugh.
Breakfast this morning was plain yogurt with Fiber One cereal, strawberries and blackberries:

I went to spin class and had a great workout. Afterwards, I went to get some more groceries for our barbeque later today.

Lunch was half of the pepper that I couldn't finished last night (it was huge!) and the rest of the black beans/salsa mixture:

I prepped the food for the barbeque: made the curried rice salad, cumin turkey burgers, cut up the watermelon and cut up all the burger fixings. Snack time consisted of Kashi's Honey Sunshine cereal with almond milk:

Now I'm relaxing before our family comes over for dinner. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!
What is your favorite Fourth of July food? I really love hot dogs. :)


  1. Burgers and corn on the cob are my favorite 4th foods! And I love Honey Sunshine cereal! Had some today - I put lots of cinnamon on mine with warm milk. The quinoa stuffed pepper looks really delicious! happy 4th!


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