Happy Fathers Day to all the Dadoos out there!!!

Last night I had one of these while watching TV in bed:

These new Skinny Cow ice cream cups are really good! You really feel like you are having something decadent!
I woke up a little earlier this morning to get dressed for our friend's party before the kids woke up. Breakfast was two slices of light wheat toast with peanut butter and a side of strawberries. I need to get to the store soon....I'm all out of fruit!

The kids got up, I got them dressed and then we went to the airport to pick up my husband. We went straight to The Marine Room in La Jolla to celebrate the birth our our friends' twins! Check out the spread!

They had an omelet bar too (my very favorite thing at a buffet). Check out the Candy "Bar":

My plate:

Egg white omelet with all the veggies, pico de gallo, hummus and little toasts, tons of roasted veggies and potatoes. It was SO delicious!!! I enjoyed a couple glasses of champagne while we were there. How could I say no? :) I had a couple bites of a rice krispy treat dipped in chocolate from the chocolate fountain that was also there. Other than that, not too much damage! Go me!

I've spent the rest of the afternoon chilling with the kids, putting laundry away and tending to the hubby who is pretty exhausted after all his shenanigans lately. I think we are going to my favorite restaurant tonight for dinner. Anyone remember what it is? :)
Thanks for sharing your book recommendations! Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. What a lovely brunch spread! I would have done a lot more damage than that.

    I bet you're going to Firenze. Have fun!

  2. I love those skinny cow cups! The ice-cream is great! The brunch looks like a ton of fun!


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