Happy Monday! I hope it's been treating you well! It was cloudy all day here so it made me feel lazy....but lazy I wasn't!

Breakfast was another slice of Hungry Girl's Ginormous Omelette with salsa and a side of strawberries and blackberries:

After taking the kids to camp, I did double duty at the gym: Cardio Muscle class and Zumba. I felt the weather and Monday morning blues slowing me down but I fought it hard and won...I think. :) I'm pooped!

Lunchtime couldn't come soon enough! I made a wrap with turkey slices, low fat swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard wrapped in a wheat tortilla with a giant salad on the side:

I paid bills and then headed off to pick up the kids. I had a snack size 3 Musketeers bar on the way. Mmmm....those are good!!

When I got home, I worked on my picture project some more. For dinner I had another serving of the Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp and froze the rest for another time. I mixed it with brown rice, green beans and Sriacha. :)

I had dinner with a glass of red wine. Ahhhhh.......

Tonight is the Bachelorette at Lisa's house......

Where has been your favorite place you've traveled to? I would have to pick Italy....beautiful with fabulous food!


  1. I can't pick just one, but I love Costa Rica, Paris and Italy.

  2. Ah, Minnesota? haha...not. I think the British and American Virgin Islands were the most breathtaking places I've visited. Then, again, I'm a sucker for beautiful beaches and turquoise blue water.

  3. My favorite place was Israel...sounds strange to say that since I've been to places like Italy and Spain. But Israel is pretty amazing.

  4. Gosh, it's been SO long since I've had a vacation...but back in the day I spent 3 weeks in Europe and it was great!


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