Last night I got the kiddos all tucked in and I had one of these babies:

A Weight Watchers 1 point fudge bar. These are really good. :) I watched a little TV and was asleep before 9:30. Fabulous sleep! Everything I could have dreamed of! Can you tell I'm excited! Your day is so much better after a great night's sleep. Breakfast was another egg beater sandwich on a bagel thin. This time, I mixed a little salsa in my eggs before I microwaved them. I put a slice of low fat swiss cheese and some spinach on it. Cantaloupe was the fruit of choice:

After bit, it was time for spin class. I love the instructor on Saturdays. I had such a great workout! I came home, showered, finished up the laundry and before I knew it, it was lunch time. I made a turkey and swiss sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce, red onion, tomato and mustard. I had a Amy's vegetable barley soup on the side:

I ended up eating lunch outside with the kids. It was their idea and it was a great one! Beautiful day. After lunch, I read a magazine while they played. After cleaning up the house a bit and doing some random stuff, I decided to bust out some cereal and almond milk for a snack:

In the corner is some banana bread I baked. I had a few bananas that looked pretty scary so I whipped up my mom's favorite banana bread to give her the next time I see her. The recipe is in the Pillsbury cookbook and it's my favorite.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some more picking up, catching up on emails/blogs and getting the kids stuff ready for summer camp on Monday. Everything has to be labeled and it takes awhile believe it or not.
Dinner time rolled around and I made a bowl of leftovers: brown rice, chicken & corn & broccoli from Wednesday's dinner, black beans, cilantro, tomatoes, tons of salsa and Cholula:

Wow! That was really good!!! I was quite impressed by my "garbage bowl"!
The kids are in their pj's and I think I'm going to go put mine on now. :) I have a get up a little earlier tomorrow to get ready for the party we are going to and to pick up the hubby at the airport. He's at a bachelor party. Poor guy. :)
Read any good books lately? I'm reading The Help right now (loving it!) and need to get some new ones lined up!


  1. I read The Help and loved it! Now I'm reading The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. It's good so far.

  2. The Help is on my list to read...just finished "Bread Alone" and about to start the sequel "Baker's Apprentice"...good for a foodie!

    Your garbage bowl looks yummy!

  3. Haven't read any good books lately, but just got The Help. I hope to have time to read it soon.

    I love salads like that.


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