Ugh....ok....I think all the calories I ate on my trip are still being tabulated. Ugh.

Last night's little barbeque turned out very nice! I bought a couple of chicken kabobs and corn from the grocery store and threw them on the grill:

I also made a recipe for quinoa that I love. You can find it here. I only used one can of black beans and added some tomatoes in with the cilantro:

It was perfect!

After getting everything cleaned up, I got in my pj's and made a dessert: graham cracker with Barney Butter and some chocolate chips:

I wanted to keep this morning's breakfast light since I was going to cooking class (!!). Non fat plain yogurt with Fiber One cereal and strawberries, blackberries and raspberries:

Dropped the kids off at school and made my way over to Great News for my class. Today's class was entitled: Cafe Favorites.

The first dish was a Baby Spinach Salad with Bacon, Cucumbers, Red Onions and Orange Ginger Dressing Topped with Spicy Orange Grilled Shrimp and Herbed Goat Cheese Toasts:

This was an awesome salad! I didn't think I'd like the dressing since it was fruity but it was really light and tasty! The shrimp were extra good because there was Sriacha in the marinade. The goat cheese toasts were incredible. They would make a wonderful appetizer at a party!

Next was Red Wine Currant Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Polenta:

This one was my least favorite but I still liked it. The pork was perfectly done and the blue cheese in the polenta was interesting. I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. I liked the idea though..maybe a sheep's milk feta would be better?

Third was Coq au Vin (boneless chicken breasts in red wine sauce with bacon, mushrooms and baby onions):

This was really good! Loved the sauce and the chicken was so moist! Maybe my husband would even eat this! :)

Next up was Salmon with Pickled Ginger and Basil Beurre Blanc:

Yum! The salmon was broiled so it was crispy on top and perfectly done inside. The beurre blanc was fabulous of course! What isn't good about a butter sauce??

Last but certainly not least was dessert: Chocolate Truffle Tart with Cinnamon Chocolate Crust and Caramel Whipped Cream:

OMG. So Good. I will be making this soon!!!

After class, I ran a few errands and came home and went on a nice walk/run around the neighborhood for an hour. We are having great weather today so it was nice to get outside!

That's about it folks. I need to start getting dinner ready for my crew. Have a great evening!

Have you ever been to a cooking class? Did you like it or not?


  1. OK, so I am eight pounds heavier than you right now. Why do you look so much more amazing??!!! I blogged about you today, too. I missed you tons, and am SOOOO glad you are back! I am going on a 13-mile hike on Saturday...you should join in! Tuna and balsamic for dinner. Slurp!

  2. Vacation eating...yeah, it's not been kind to me. Oh wells. I went to a cooking class at The Prado in Balboa Park which was basically a "drink wine and watch the chef cook" class, but it was really fun. I think now they limit you to 2 glasses now, LOL. My problem is that I'm picky so I never like all of what they're listed to make, but you know I am dying to go to one of those Great News classes...it is right by my house!

  3. That goat cheese toast looks ridiculous! Thanks for the quinoa link! I haven't taken a cooking class - i'd love to though!


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