Last night we went with a couple of friends to Osteria Romantica in La Jolla:

I hadn't been before so I was excited to try something new! It did not disappoint! The table shared a couple of bottles of this wine:

It was really good! I enjoyed every sip! It was nice to welcome wine back into my life after a short break away. :)
Hubby and I split the Caprese salad:

After this photo was taken I added balsamic vinegar to it. :) I also tried one of the Marinated Artichokes that my friend ordered. Both were excellent!

Before I went to dinner, I looked at the menu online and was all set to order a pasta with veggies and red sauce. But their specials caught my eye when I was seated and I couldn't help myself. Parpardelle with braised lamb, mushrooms, olives in a brandy sauce:

It was rich and delicious and the portion was huge!! I could only eat about half....which is unheard of for me!! But really...we all know I was saving room for dessert.

Strawberry Napoleon with chocolate drizzle:

Wonderfulness on a plate. It was worth it. Osteria Romantica was such a cute little restaurant. Everyone who worked there was Italian, with a thick accent...I love that! I went to sleep very content. :)

This morning was the first morning in a little over two weeks that I can actually say I feel better! Yeah!!!! Breakfast was non fat plain yogurt with Fiber One cereal, strawberries and the last of my beloved blackberries:

I took the kids to school and headed over to Great News for yet another cooking class this week. They had a special one today that I couldn't miss: Bon Appetit - Cooking with Julia Child. You can't go wrong with Julia!

The first recipe was my favorite: Gateau de Crepes a la Florentine (crepes stacked with alternating layers of mushroom and spinach fillings and topped with sauce veloute):

This was so fabulous. The layers looked really cool and the sauce was heavenly. It was a lot of work though...but worth it!

Next was a recipe that I had never heard of: Quenelles de Crevettes (shrimp in cream puff dough formed into dumplings that are blanched) with Beurre Blanc and Chives:

These melted in your mouth. They look kinda strange but were unique and interesting...in a good way! I don't know if I'd ever go to the trouble to make them but at least I know what quenelles are now!

Check out my favorite instructor, Phillis Carey, in action....she was about to roll out dough for our dessert:

The next recipe was Roti de Porc (roast pork with herb salt rub) and Sauce Moutarde a la Normande:

The pork and the sauce were really good! It was served with delicious roasted potatoes.

Last was dessert: Hot Lemon Souffle Tart with Raspberries:

Yum!! This was delicious! It was just like it sounds: a lemon souffle with a tart crust!

After class, I went to the gym quickly for a quick treadmill & weights session. I kinda had to force myself but I'm glad I went. There was a lot of cream and butter in all that french food!!! That's it folks.....gotta get some laundry done and dinner started. We are taking the kids to LA tomorrow for my nephew's first birthday so I doubt there will be any blogging tomorrow.
What are your weekend plans?


  1. Your cooking class always looks like so much fun!

    We are going over to some friends' to make them dinner tonight - they just had a baby! Other than that, I think some pool time and gym time are on the agenda.

  2. Wow - way too many amazing food pictures! Glad you liked the new spot!


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