141.6…Professional Packer

Yesterday afternoon, I needed a little pick me up before a school event, so I stopped at Starbucks for an iced skinny vanilla latte.

June 2013 022

I would love to drink one of these every day. But then it wouldn’t be a treat, right? I keep telling myself that…

I was on my own again for dinner last night so I basically threw some stuff from the fridge into a bowl and heated it up.

June 2013 023

Brown rice, black beans, rotisserie chicken and salsa. I topped it with shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream and hot sauce (of course!).

Breakfast was a bit like dinner. A little of this, a little of that.

June 2013 024

Scrambled Egg Beaters, black beans, salsa shredded cheddar and some pineapple. 

After taking the kids to school, I came home to get some stuff done. Before running to a couple of appointments, I grabbed some grapes and a Babybel cheese for a snack along the way.

June 2013 025

I stopped for lunch at Champagne Bakery. I ordered a Cobb salad. Delish!

June 2013 026

So…now I need to start packing. I’m leaving for Scottsdale tomorrow to hang with some of my sorority sisters. We go on a trip together once a year….last year it was San Francisco.

I can’t remember the last time I stayed home for a weekend. I’m been in Los Angeles so much lately and various other places that I basically keep a suitcase mostly packed in my closet. I think I’m a professional packer by now.

Are you good at packing for a trip?


  1. my stomping grounds! have fun! I will be there in about a month, so excited to come "home" for 3 weeks! One would think I am an awesome packer - we certainly go often enough but everytime I swear I bring too much or too little or the wrong things. I think I am better than I used to be, however. We are heading to China for a week soon, not looking forward to my packing for that!


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