141.2…Least Favorite Foods

I love fish. My husband doesn’t. Last night he wasn’t home for dinner so I knew exactly what I wanted.

June 2013 018

I broiled a piece of salmon and made a Caesar salad to go with it. I usually order fish in restaurants for this very reason too….I don’t get to eat it at home very often.

Breakfast this morning was pineapple Chobani, Special K granola and mixed berries.

June 2013 019

After school drop off this morning, I attended a meeting at the school. I guess I forgot to mention that I will be C0-President of our PTO next year. I was on the board this past year, hence why I’m at the school all the time. Guess next year I better plan just to camp out there. :)

After my meeting, I went to Costco. Besides picking up the stuff on my list, I saw this and thought it would be good for lunch:

June 2013 020

Rojo’s Ancient Grains Mediterranean Salad. I saw it had quinoa and veggies in it so it looked good to me. Plus it suggested on the back to mix with diced chicken. I had just purchased a rotisserie chicken at Costco so it looked like an easy lunch to me!

What I didn’t read were the ingredients. It’s loaded with OLIVES. I really don’t like olives. I want to say I “hate” them but that’s harsh. Hey…I used to not like mushrooms and taught myself to like them. Maybe olives are next?

I mixed my rotisserie chicken into the salad anyway and ate it.

June 2013 021

Too many olives. Oh well. Boo.

What are your least favorite foods? Besides olives, mine are bananas, hearts of palm and beets.


  1. I don't like bananas, milk, and green peppers. I have tried to like all of them and no luck!

  2. I am also not a fan of olives..can tolerate a few black ones on pizza, or a bit of Kalamata, but green olives are the worst. I don't like bananas either...and - gasp - I am not a peanut butter eater! I can eat it, and love a good pb cookie, but I have no interest in having on toast, or sandwich or in my oats. I do like many foods!


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