140.8…Just Say No

It’s Day 8 of my 12 Day Program. How’s it going, you ask? Pretty well….I feel better definitely. It’s just the saying “NO” to all the good stuff that’s hard.

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was scrambled egg beaters with sliced turkey and salsa.

June 2013 235

I headed over to Lisa’s house (my daughter spend the night there). We ordered Flippin Pizza for lunch. I just said NO to the pizza and had a chopped salad instead.

June 2013 236

Later that afternoon, my daughter and I went to my sister in law’s house. When they offered me wine, I said NO. When they looked at me like I was crazy, I explained the 12 Day Program. They probably still think I’ve lost my mind.

My sister in law made a great dinner. Caprese salad:

June 2013 238

Roasted Brussels sprouts:

June 2013 241

Tilapia and corn:

June 2013 239

Dessert was watermelon. I say NO to the chocolate ice cream bon bons.

June 2013 240

For breakfast this morning I had pineapple Chobani yogurt, Cranberry Pecan Granola and strawberries.

June 2013 243

I drove to Los Angeles to visit my mom. Also, tomorrow my son’s bus from camp arrives in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to see him. It’s been two weeks!

We went to the Century City mall. Lunch was the Maui Tuna Crunch Salad (sushi-grade seared tuna, organic greens, toasted almonds, miso vinaigrette) at Seasons 52.

June 2013 245

The salad comes with pineapple but since I don’t like fruit with my food, I opted for no pineapple. The dressing was a bit too sweet for me but overall it was ok.

Dessert was cookies & cream frozen yogurt at Pinkberry.

June 2013 246

My mom stopped at Tory Burch to get something repaired. They offered me champagne and I said NO. No to free booze?? Who am I!?!

When’s the last time you said NO to something you really wanted?


  1. Wow!! You're really being so good, that's so hard to do. So I know you did the Weight Watchers program, curious why no alcohol? Isn't it just empty calories like frozen yogurt or is there more to it than just the calories?

  2. I like your 12 day program...I'm going to try to do that after the holiday! To Diana's comment above, I definitely lose weight when I cut out alcohol especially wine since it breaks down like a sugar/carb.

  3. I am going to be doing the same. Too much vacation and indulgence! No alcohol, portions. So mad at myself! !!

  4. @Andrea
    Hate that feeling! Let me know how your "12 Day Program" goes!

  5. @Diana Shapiro
    Frozen yogurt is mostly empty calories...true. I just find if I cut out alcohol, it cuts out a ton of calories plus all the calories from bad food decisions I may make while indulging with alcohol. :)


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