142.2…Eat Your Greens

After my extravagant lunch at cooking class yesterday, I felt like a light dinner was in order. As I plated my Amy’s split pea soup and salad, I realized that my food was somewhat matching.

June 2013 215

They say “eat your greens” right!?!

Breakfast was a bit more colorful.

June 2013 216

Pineapple Chobani yogurt, Cranberry Pecan Granola and mixed berries.

After dropping my daughter off at the camp bus, I went to a meeting at the school (they never end). Lunch was with the girls at Love Boat Sushi. Alicia and I split a bunch of stuff.

June 2013 217

Wasabi Roll (our favorite):

June 2013 218


June 2013 219

Albacore Delight:

June 2013 220

I will spend the rest of the day guzzling water to counteract all the sodium (soy sauce) I just consumed. :)

Do you eat the recommended serving of fruits/veggies every day?


  1. Since I am allergic to soy, I've been using coconut aminos when we go to sushi. You can get it at whole foods. I actually think it tasted better than soy sauce and it has less sodium which is a plus. It's a little weird bringing my own bottle to a sushi restaurant but for me it's better than the alternative. If you see a bottle next time you are at the store, grab it, it's worth a try!

  2. @Erica
    Good to know! Will have to try that!


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