141.6…Good Behavior

I have to admit…I’m proud of myself. For the last 2 1/2 days, I’ve eaten pretty healthfully. I hope this will last….

Wednesday night, my mom and I met a couple of my college friends at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills for dinner. I started with the Insalata Mista.

June 2013 173

For my entree I choose the Pollo alla Giaco Mani (chicken breast with arugula, tomato, oil and lemon).

June 2013 175

For being such a simple dish, it was quite delicious. And that was that. No bread. No dessert. Score. Well…I did have red wine but that’s good for you, right? 

Breakfast at my mom’s house Thursday morning was scrambled eggs and ham.

June 2013 176

This kept me full for hours!

We ran some errands and stopped at The Market on Holly for lunch. I ordered the Lime-Cilantro salad.

June 2013 177

I pushed the fried tortilla things aside and devoured it. It was an excellent, very fresh tasting salad.

After lunch, I drove back to San Diego. My husband loves golf and is playing in a big tournament this weekend. There was a dinner for it last night. During the cocktail hour, I enjoyed some red wine and some appetizers.


June 2013 179

Bunch of fried stuff I tried a couple of bites of:

June 2013 180

Coconut shrimp (excellent), pork pot stickers (just ok) an a vegetable eggroll (just ok too).

Dinner was a buffet of various salads, potatoes, vegetables, and meats. I piled the salad and corn on my plate along with some seabass and a piece of prime rib.

June 2013 181

There was a buffet of desserts in which I skipped. I’m on a roll!

The scrambled eggs thing has been working out really well to keep me satisfied so I had it again today for breakfast. This time it was one egg plus egg whites and salsa. I had a grapefruit as well.

June 2013 183

I dropped my daughter off at the camp  bus and then went to the gym for Cardio Muscle class.

I got my nails done and went next door to Luna Grill for lunch. Greek salad with chicken kabob (no pita):

June 2013 184

I simply love this salad. Their chicken is insane.

Tonight my husband will be at the golf tournament so I’m going to take my daughter out to dinner. Her choice. :)

Any exciting plans for the weekend?