Thursday night before we left for Hawaii, it was the last ditch efforts of cleaning out the fridge. There was some Beef and Mushroom Ragu with Fettuccine  left so I devoured it for dinner. 

IMG 5013

We were up bright and early Friday morning for our flight to Maui, Hawaii. I had toast with peanut butter before heading off to the airport.

IMG 5014

We finally arrived in Maui later that morning. On the way to the hotel, everyone was hungry so we stopped at Outback.  I had the Cobb salad with grilled chicken.

IMG 5015

We checked in and headed to the pool. This is what we were all waiting for:

IMG 5016

We headed to Longhi's for dinner. The bread they bring to the table was mind blowing. There were two types of pizza bread: regular and one with jalapeños. The jalapeño one was the best, in my opinion of course.

IMG 5017

My husband and I split the Caprese salad.

IMG 5018


I ordered the Bolognese  (Prime ground beef, Italian sausage, garlic, crushed red peppers, fennel seeds, deglazed with Chianti wine and pomodoro sauce. Served on rigatoni with creamy ricotta cheese).

IMG 5019

It was just ok…nothing spectacular. Everyone else's food was delish so I'd definitely go back and try something else!

By the time I went to bed last night, I was wiped!

This morning we got breakfast from the lounge to bring back to our room. I just had an English muffin with peanut butter.

IMG 5020

I ate light because I was off to meet Tami at spin class! She's in town too with her family.

IMG 5022

IMG 5023

It was an excellent workout and I'm so glad I went! Made me feel better when I ordered one of these later at the pool:

IMG 5025

We ate lunch at the pool. I had the "Everything But The Kitchen Sink Salad". It was basically a Cobb salad and it rocked!

IMG 5026

Then it started to pour so we headed back to the room. 

Now I'm chilling in the room until dinner. :)

Do you workout on vacation? I don't normally unless I'm gone for more than a week.

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