143.2…A Searsucker Birthday

My birthday celebration continued at Searsucker Del Mar last night.

IMG 9045

My friends joined me for a night of great food, wine and a ton of laughs!

IMG 9058

IMG 9046
IMG 9048

IMG 9055

IMG 9060

Thing always end up getting silly. I borrowed Cathi's glasses and we had a few laughs with them.

IMG 9065

IMG 9069
IMG 9070

IMG 9074

IMG 9081

IMG 9084

We ordered a few appetizers for the table.

Hamachi with Capers, Lemon and Serrano:

IMG 4945

We ended up ordered a couple of these….spicy and fabulous!

Beef Tartare with Salsa Verde, Radish and Quail Yolk:

IMG 4946

Another winner!!
Duck Fat Fries:

IMG 4947

Obviously these were good.

I split two things with Lila for dinner. Flat Iron Steak with Chimichurri and Bearnaise:

IMG 4951

The steak was excellent but I wish it had been more chimichurri instead of the sauce which really didn't taste like chimichurri at all.

We also split the Crab Mac and Cheese.

IMG 4952

This wasn't that good…dry and not a lot of flavor. Bummer.

Dessert wasn't a bummer. I blew out my candles on my birthday sundae and then moved onto other desserts.

IMG 9096

S'mores Bar and Beignets:

IMG 9098

Both of these were really excellent! More than made up for the mediocre dinner. I always seem to find that I prefer appetizers and desserts over the main entrees.

IMG 9079

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday absolutely amazing!

Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg beaters with turkey, green onions, salsa and cheddar cheese.

IMG 4953

I dropped the kids off at school and grabbed a skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks.

IMG 4954

I hit the road for Los Angeles to visit my mom. We stopped for lunch at The Corner Bakery. I had the chopped salad and chili.

IMG 4955

Tonight we are going over to my brother's house to celebrate my birthday (it never ends!) and what we call "Fake Christmas". My brother spends every other year with his wife's family so on those years, we celebrate Christmas beforehand.

I just got new blogging software so I apologize i there are any glitches in this post. Still trying to figure things out!

Are you an appetizer person or would you rather move straight to the main course?

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  1. I could just make a meal over appetizers and skip the entree all together.

    What software are you using now? Let the celebration continue!


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