142.6…Back To Reality

I finally made it home last night from my trip to Tokyo. My husband asked me what I wanted for dinner. My answer was “no Asian food.” :) I chose my favorite carne asada mini tacos from Los Primos.

November 2013 001

I was more than excited to go to bed last night. When I woke up this morning, I was exhausted.  Somehow I got up, got dressed and made breakfast.

October 2013 011

Toast with peanut butter and a grapefruit. I took the kids to school and somehow made it through Cardio Muscle class.

I came home, caught up on some email, ate a turkey sandwich for lunch then took a glorious nap.

November 2013 002

I’m still really tired. I think if I slept for an entire day I would feel better. :)

What are your tricks to deal with jet lag?


  1. Uri just got home from china yesterday and he is jet lagged too. I hear melatonin really helps.

  2. My trick is to not sleep much before flying, sleep on plane then get back on track asap on arrival...no naps, and stay up as late as you can! We have lived overseas for 5 years now, I do this every time...sometimes it is great, other times, ugh....welcome home! you just missed my husband at the Narita airport...he was heading out on biz trip to phoenix!

  3. @Andrea
    Great tips!! I had to take a nap yesterday though. Wouldn't have made it. :)

  4. I am looking away from the onions, but I bet that Mexican food (and hot sauce!) tasted good after so much Asian food and sushi!!


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