139.8…Core Foods Review

I much prefer my parent’s scale. Or maybe the “weight gain” had something to do with my dinner last night…

We decided to take the kids to the club for dinner. My husband and I split a Caesar salad.

March 2013 051

As well as a pizza. I lovingly (not) refer to pizza as “Devil Triangles”. They ensure a large weight gain the next day.

March 2013 052

I ate three slices. I don’t care. I love pizza. 

I recently received samples of Core Foods’ Warrior Meal Bars. These are fresh, raw, vegan nutrition bars.

March 2013 053

You know the dang things are fresh when they arrive marked “perishable” and have an ice pack with them. Now, let me at first say that I’m not a huge “bar” person (the food kind of bar not the kind that serves alcohol. Duh). I find that I’m hungry an hour or less after eating them. The Warrior Meal bar says that it’s basically a bar of one full bowl of raw oatmeal-to-go. It claims to give you 4 hours of stable energy.

I put it to the test this morning. I chose the Raw Almond Raisin flavor.

March 2013 054

According to Core Foods, their Warrior Meal Bars contain:

  • Just 5-7 whole, raw, 100% organic ingredients that provide stable energy
  • No added sugar, syrup, preservatives, flour, or oil- nothing to make it last longer than it naturally should
  • Eat it like a bar, drink water, and you'll be full for 4 hours
  • Controlled, fully balanced ratio of calories, complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats (all from plants)
  • Take it as a meal replacement, or as a supplement to a healthy diet
  • CORE Meals are loved by athletes for pre/post workout meals and depended upon by busy moms and adventurers.

The verdict: I actually enjoyed it. You can tell that the ingredients are real. I felt like I was actually eating fruits and nuts as apposed to processed crap and sugar. The real test for me though was how long it kept me full. I ate it at 7:00AM. My stomach startled rumbling at 11:30AM. Four and a half hours later! Normally I’m hungry after 3 hours. Success!

I have two other flavors that I can’t wait to try: Raw Walnut Banana and Raw Cashew Cacao. They last 6 months in the freezer, 1 month chilled and 1 week on the go. Not bad Core Foods!!

I took the kids to school and went to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes of my Cardio Muscle class before I had to go to my wax appointment.

On the way home, I picked up a Greek salad with a chicken kabob from Luna Grill for lunch.

March 2013 055

I was waiting for a repair man so I just ate it at my desk.

Tonight we have some friends coming over  for dinner. What’s on the menu, you ask? Indian food! I can’t wait!

Do you eat meal replacement bars? What are your favorites? 

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