137.0…Emotional Rollercoaster

That basically describes the last couple of days. I no sooner got back to San Diego when my mom called and said my dad needs a surgery that will probably kill him and if he doesn’t have it, he will probably die. She told me I needed to drive back.

I got to the hospital two hours later. After much discussion with my family and the doctor, it was determined the best course of action (it’s too complicated to type) was to not have the surgery and hopefully things would repair themselves.

I never ended up having lunch that day because breakfast was filling and I ate it late. By the time I had dinner that night, it was after 10:00PM. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and cream of cauliflower soup.

March 2013 164

I spent the night at the hospital with my mom.

Breakfast yesterday morning was a veggie and cheese omelet.

March 2013 165

I went back to my parent’s house to shower and feed the dog. I got a text from my mom to get back to the hospital fast.

I raced there…my dad was in bad shape. Everyone eventually arrived and we stayed right by his side. After awhile, he slowly started to improve! We took turns eating lunch downstairs. I had a turkey burger and turkey chili.

March 2013 166

By evening, my dad was making jokes and we were all sharing stories and memories together. My husband, brother, his wife and I felt safe enough to walk across the street to Luciano’s  for dinner. We split the bruschetta which was AMAZING.

March 2013 167

I could have just eaten that for dinner.

My husband and I split a pizza as well.

March 2013 168

Last night I went back to my parent’s house and slept there. Breakfast was toast with butter.

March 2013 158

I ran an errand for my mom, then went to the hospital. My dad has been having a pretty good day….I pray it continues.

Lunch was a baked potato and split pea soup.

March 2013 169

While it was filling (at the time) and delicious, it didn’t keep me full long. I think the lack of protein at both breakfast and lunch was a bad idea. Now I’ve been snacking on random stuff in my dad’s room. Counting down the hours until dinner. :)

Thank you for all your prayers and support! Keep them coming!!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you've been able to keep blogging through this! You are amazing! Keeping your family in my prayers:)

  2. @Grace O'Neal
    Thank you! Blogging is a good distraction.

  3. Goodness! So sorry your dad has been so ill. Hope he continues to improve and glad you are able to keep your strength up :). Your dinner looked quite yummy!

  4. Yep, that is an emotional roller coaster! Hang in there and hugs to your Papa!!


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