137.8…The Waiting Game

Friday afternoon before I drove back to San Diego, I picked up Corner Bakery for lunch. I had the chopped salad with ranch dressing.

March 2013 148

This picture was taken after I shook it all up. I promise it looked nicer before. :)

Somewhere along the drive home I stopped at a Starbucks drive thru (great invention) for an iced skinny vanilla latte.March 2013 149

Definitely makes the drive a bit more tolerable.

My sister in law and her kids were at my house visiting and then took my daughter for the night. My husband and I dropped my son off at a sleep over party. We decided to go see a movie and have dinner. We ended up seeing “Olympus Has Fallen” which we really enjoyed. It was definitely a nail biter!

We were going to go to Flemmings for dinner but my mom called me to tell me that she had called 911 and they were taking my dad to the hospital. He was severely dehydrated and his condition was declining.

We skipped Flemmings and picked up food from Karl Strauss on the way home.

March 2013 151

Cashew chicken salad that I slammed down quickly, then jumped in the car and drove back to Los Angeles. I arrived around 12:30AM and stayed with my dad until about 2AM. I went back to my parents house, got a couple hours of sleep and came back Sunday morning.

Before I left the house I had toast with peanut butter for breakfast.

March 2013 152

I stayed at the hospital all day yesterday. My brother and his wife came around lunch time and brought me an amazing tuna sandwich from this place by their house.

March 2013 153

We had some ups and downs yesterday but, little by little, I think my dad is improving.

My husband drove up last night and took a break and walked across the street to Luciano’s for dinner. We shared an antipasto salad:

March 2013 156

As well as a cheese pizza:

March 2013 157

Excellent food. 

I stayed until about 9:30 last night and then headed back to my parent’s house to sleep.

This morning’s breakfast consisted of two parts. Part 1:

March 2013 158

Toast with butter before leaving for the hospital.

Part 2:

March 2013 159

A veggie and cheese (a lot of cheese) omelet at the hospital cafeteria. 

I may or may not drive back to San Diego today. It just moment to moment over here. A waiting game. Right now we just need prayers.


  1. I hope your Dad is doing better. You are so awesome for being there for your family:) I'll be praying for you and your family! Stay strong!

  2. Praying for your dad and your family Melissa!

  3. Mel, so sorry to hear about your Dad! Sending big hugs!!


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