138.6…Blue Trays & White Styrofoam Containers

Thank you to all the well wishes for my dad! He’s been moved out of the ICU into a step-down ICU room. It’s basically a middle stage between ICU and a regular room. His condition is slowly improving and we are hopeful.

I wasn’t super hungry for lunch yesterday since I had two breakfasts. :) I knew I needed to eat something so I opted for hummus, pretzel chips and fruit.

March 2013 160

My brother came in the evening and we went down for dinner together to the cafeteria for dinner.

March 2013 161

More blue trays and white styrofoam containers. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and navy bean soup. Both were good. I actually don’t mind the food here.

I went back to my parent’s house a bit after 10 PM and came back this morning. I had breakfast downstairs with my mom.

March 2013 163

Veggie and cheese omelet with a side of Tapatio hot sauce. It was really good!

I’m going to be heading back to San Diego soon so I can take care of some stuff at home and then I plan on coming back in a couple of days.

When was the last time you ate in a cafeteria?

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