139.6…Quick Trip To Brazil

I think I must have had like a 12 hour bug or something. By yesterday afternoon, I felt so much better! It’s a good thing too…..I would have missed the fabulous Brazilian food that my friend made!

My husband and I, along with Lisa and her husband, were invited to our friend, Silvana’s house for dinner.

March 2013 021

When we arrived, we were greeted with champagne, cheese, crackers and the amazing smell of Brazilian food simmering on the stove.

March 2013 019

Silvana prepared these cheese rolls called Pao de Queijo:

March 2013 020

They practically jumped in my mouth. Bread and cheese? Yes, please. 

It’s rare that someone cooks for me, let alone sets a fancy table for me to eat said meal at.

March 2013 022

I felt extremely spoiled.

Lisa, Silvana and I:

March 2013 023

 March 2013 024

We started with a salad with hearts of palm.

March 2013 025

Then to the main event: 

March 2013 026

A shrimp dish called Strogonofe de Camarao. It doesn’t really matter what it was called because it was delicious. 


March 2013 027

Ice cream and berries. Perfect. 

March 2013 029

Thank you to Silvana and Sebastian for an amazing evening! 

I wish breakfast was as exciting as last night’s dinner but it’s not.

March 2013 028

Toast and peanut butter.

I spent all day cleaning the house. Reorganizing drawers. Answering email. I feel accomplished.

Somewhere along the way I made a tuna sandwich and veggies with ranch dressing for lunch.

March 2013 030

I need to drop off my daughter at a birthday party in a bit and then get started on making a new recipe for dinner.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Have you ever had Brazilian food? 

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  1. Your dinner does look yummy! I went to Rio for NYE 2000....and the food was super good. also loved the cheese bread! I think I had your 12 hour yuch on Sat as well, really didnt feel well, but it passed quickly. My daughter hasnt faired so well and has bronchitis of all things! ugh. Needless to say, there was no gourmet food or exciting events for me this weekend, just lots of rest and maybe some rice krispy bars??!! Thursday I am heading to Bangkok for a girls weekend, so should make up for this past weekend :)

  2. @Andrea
    What a fun NYE!! I've never been there! Hope everyone feels better!

  3. I am now looking up a recipe for Strogonofe de Camarao.

  4. @T. Roger Thomas
    Let me know if you find one and make it!


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