143.0 yesterday; 143.4 Barbie Likes It Hot

It’s no secret that I like things hot. By hot, I mean SPICY! Do you know who else like it hot and spicy too??
December 2011 023
Barbie! It’s been awhile since Barbie has made an appearance on my blog. 

It was “Hot Wing Night” at my house Monday night. Our friends came over to watch football and enjoy our favorite hot wings.
December 2011 024
Check out that messy bowl of goodness.

My friend brought her Barbie too. She likes it hot as well.
December 2011 026
I also made my favorite chili and my friend brought a salad.
December 2011 027
With some ranch dressing to dip the hot wings in, I was in heaven. I ate about a dozen wings. I would have loved to eat more but I just couldn’t do it. Oh well….I gave it my best shot.

Tuesday morning’s breakfast was an egg sandwich on toasted wheat bread with a slice of Swiss cheese and an apple.
December 2011 028
I dropped the kids off at school, went to spin class, came home to change and then my husband and I hopped in the car for Los Angeles. My sister in law just had a baby and there was a celebration at her house. They had a wonderful buffet with different types of salads, breads and desserts.  I enjoyed a bit of everything. No pictures sorry! It was a little hectic there (there were SO many people) so I didn’t spend time trying to take pictures. We drove home and went to bed.

This morning’s breakfast was Fage yogurt and strawberries:
December 2011 029
I took the kids to school. A bit later my friend picked me up. We headed to a tea for an organization that we are members of. They had quite the spread of tea sandwiches! You know how I feel about tea sandwiches!
December 2011 015
Check out the fruit display:
December 2011 016
Pineapples shaped like palm trees with fruit skewers attached. You just grabbed a skewer right from the “tree”!
December 2011 020

I tried to fit as much as I could onto my small plate.
December 2011 021
I ended up having to go back for seconds. Big shocker, I know.

Check out the dessert display:
December 2011 017
December 2011 018
December 2011 019
I went straight for the cupcakes.
December 2011 022
Chocolate with chocolate frosting, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

The cupcakes themselves weren’t the best but the frosting was pretty darn tasty! The sandwiches all rocked. I love tea sandwiches. I really wanted to just grab the entire display plate of them and run but that probably wouldn’t be appropriate tea behavior.

Afterwards I picked up the kids from school and came home. I think we are all going to go out to dinner tonight. Yeehaw!

Do you like it hot? I’ve only been over-spiced three times in my life. Yes, I remember all three instances.

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  1. Ha - love the Barbie doll! Yep, I love it hot - my husband is convinced I've burned all the tastebuds off of my tongue!

    It took a long time to describe to my husband that I don't like it hot just to be hot, it has to be flavorful hot.

    Two things I couldn't eat - microwave jalapeno popcorn and one time I had wings that were so hot, I couldn't even eat three bites and I had to throw in the towel.

  2. Both barbies seem to be dressing quick sexy... ;) They must like it hot too. Maybe I just haven't looked at barbie in a while and she has gotten sexier.

  3. i love your page, but it always makes me hungry. hmm... i really just wanna hang out w/you and eat all this fabulous food. :)


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