142.8…On My Way to LA

I’m on a train! I’m Los Angeles bound to visit my family for the holidays. My husband and kids will drive down tomorrow.

Last night was date night at my house. My husband took me to Flemming’s for dinner. We had a gift card so it made it extra special. :)

December 2011 278

Iphone photo my hubby took. :)

I enjoyed a fabulous glass of Pinot Noir.

December 2011 280

I normally don’t eat the bread at the table but I had to try this one because the butters were so unique!

December 2011 279

The butter on the left was a Chardonnay infused feta and the one on the right was a Sun-dried tomato. Both were excellent!

I started with one of my favorite things to order at a steakhouse: Lettuce Wedge Salad.

December 2011 281

I always substitute the blue cheese dressing for ranch dressing but I leave the blue cheese crumbles on. Go figure.

My husband and I split a Filet Mignon and we ordered two awesome sides:

December 2011 282

Potatoes au gratin and creamed spinach. I really wanted the Chipotle Mac & Cheese instead of the potatoes but my husband won in the end. Next time!

December 2011 283

Fabulous meal! I hadn’t been to Flemming’s in awhile…..now I want to go back soon!

This morning I ate a bowl of Special K cereal with almond milk before heading to the gym.

December 2011 285

I was the only one who showed up for Cardio Muscle class so it got cancelled.  At least I tried.

I came home to get packed up and dressed. I made a quick tuna melt on a tortilla with a salad for lunch.

December 2011 286

My husband and kids took me to the train station. I am currently snacking on some Wheat Thins as I type.

December 2011 284

Tonight, it’s just me and my parents. I’m sure we will chill, eat something good and drink a ton of wine. My kind of night!

What sides do you have to order at a steakhouse? 


  1. omg i love flemmings! their tuna appetizer is to die for!
    I'm new to blogging and i love reading your blog!!!
    mine is http://skinniesweetie.blogspot.com

  2. I am sorry to say that my favorite side is the chipotle Mac 'n cheese!! Ours usually has lobster Mac 'n cheese as a side to their specials so I usually ask for that. Flemings is our favorite steakhouse and I always get the filet mignon too! And wine of course. :-)

  3. that spinach looks insane!!

    I was at a steak house last night so I can easily answer this - sauteed mushrooms and a baked potato! Where there is no baked potato, I go for the lobster macaroni & cheese! Go big or go home. :)

  4. Hooray for date night! Creamed spinach is my go to as well at a steak house - so bad for you but oh so good!

    Have fun with the rents! :D

  5. @Christina_Luvs2Dance
    Nice to meet you! I will have to try the tuna app next time I'm there!


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