143.4...Hostess With The Mostest

*Note: The AC adapter on the computer that has my blogging software is broken. I have to blog from a different computer using the lame blogger program. The format looks funky and I don't know how to fix it. Please bear with me for a few days. :)

 Last night was our annual holiday Bunco. It was at my friend Annette's house. She is quite the hostess! As soon as I walked it, she had a glass of sparkling bubbly ready for me!

She had set several gorgeous tables!

There was an amazing dessert table!

After a bit of mingling, dinner was served.

I had a bit of everything: ham, green beans, salad, a roll and the MOST FABULOUS cheesy potatoes EVER!

For dessert, I also had a bit of everything.

Then it was time for our holiday gift exchange. Everybody draws a number and starting with number one, you pick a gift. You can either keep your gift or steal someone else's. It is always a blast! The gifts were especially awesome this year. I ended up stealing/being stole from a few times. I ended up with a beautiful gold sequin infinity scarf which I hope to wear very soon!!

I got home after 11PM which is super late for me. Getting up this morning was a bit rough. I was meeting some friends for breakfast a bit later so I just had a piece of toast for breakfast.

I took the kids to school and met some friends at Thyme in the Ranch. I ordered the quiche lorraine which was delicious!

The rest of the day was spent running errands. I'm trying to get the rest of my holiday shopping done. For me, this is cutting it too close!

Have you ever participated in a gift exchange before? Did you get something you liked?

Are you done with all your holiday shopping yet?