I am beyond shocked that I didn’t put on any weight on my trip to Mammoth. I ate and drank like a champion. Sunday night was no exception. We went back to Gonzo’s for dinner. The food was really good. I had more wine…duh.

December 2011 140

I was having trouble with the lighting in the restaurant and couldn’t get my wine to show up. I had my friend’s husband hold up a white napkin to see if it would help. I thought the picture was so funny that I left it like that.

For dinner I ate a fish taco and tons of chips and guacamole. Their fish tacos are SO good!!

December 2011 141

We came back to our rooms and crashed. We woke up the next morning, drank some coffee, packed and hit the road for home. I didn’t eat any breakfast because I figured we’d stop early for lunch. I was wrong. Eventually it started to rain and I thought that we needed to keep on going before the weather got worse. Well, it did. It started to snow….hard! There was no way I was going to stop in the snow so we keep going.

Finally at 3:00 I thought I was going to die from hunger. We stopped at the first place we saw: Buffalo Wild Wings. I had never been there before. I was more than thrilled. HOT WINGS!

December 2011 137

They were pretty good. My husband thought that they were just ok. He told me they tasted so fabulous because I was hungry. :)

Then I went all out some more and ate a cheeseburger with Cole slaw. 

December 2011 138

I was extremely happy.

And that was the only meal I ate yesterday. We finally made it home, unpacked and went to bed.

This morning I had scrambled egg beaters, a piece of toast and cantaloupe.

December 2011 142

I took the kids to school, went to spin class and then my hair appointment. It feels so nice to have my hair done! I went to Subway quickly for lunch.

December 2011 139

Then it was off to my son’s Hanukkah program at school. There were cookies and brownies everywhere. I managed to only eat a few bites of the cookie my son didn’t want. I’m saving up my calories because it’s Bunco tonight. It is our annual gift exchange Bunco and is always a blast! Looking forward to catching up with my friends tonight!

What is your favorite meal of the day?


  1. Breakfast - because I'm always starving so everything tastes good!

  2. have fun at bunco!! dessert is my favorite...does that count?!

  3. Next time you go to BWW, ask for the wings to be cooked and get the sauce on the side for dipping - they stay extra crispy that way!

    Glad you made it back home safe and sound!


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