A Christmas Recap

Christmas came and went. Presents were opened, food was eaten and in a flash it was over. It’s amazing how long you prepare for the holiday and it vanishes in the blink of an eye.

My Christmas holiday started on Friday when my parents picked me up from the train station. We came back to their house, I had a glass of wine and then we went out to their favorite local Chinese restaurant: The Grandview Palace.

We all shared some wonton soup:

December 2011 287

I ordered the combination Kung Pao. It had beef, chicken and shrimp and it was spicy and delicious.

December 2011 288

I enjoyed my dish with some steamed rice.  We came back to the house and called it a night. I was asleep by 8:30PM. I did not get up until 10:0o AM Saturday morning. That is unheard of. I guess I really needed the sleep!

Breakfast (or brunch, really) was toasted cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter.

December 2011 290

I ran some errands with my parents and we stopped at another one of their favorite spots: Weinerschitzel. I enjoyed two chili dogs and fries.

December 2011 289

Oh yeah. They were good! :)

That night I made one of my favorite meals ever for dinner: Beef Stroganoff.

December 2011 291

I will have to share this recipe soon on the blog because it is fabulous. It’s definitely one of my top 5 favorite meals ever.

Christmas morning I made another winner: Eggs Benedict Casserole:

December 2011 292

The last time I made this I broke the hollandaise. This time I managed not to screw it up! Success!

My mom served orange rolls with it. We have them every years. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them!

December 2011 293

My plate:

December 2011 294

I went back for another serving of the casserole and hollandaise. It tastes just like Eggs Benedict!

We opened gifts and hung out. Eventually it was time to get dinner ready. I made a prime rib and my famous Gulliver’s Creamed Corn. My mom made mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls. We were a good team!

December 2011 304

I made an apple pie for dessert.

December 2011 303

We enjoyed it with vanilla ice cream.

December 2011 305

And that was that.

This morning I drove back to San Diego with my husband and kids. We have family coming into town from Texas and they are visiting tonight so I need to get cooking!

Is there a certain dish/dessert that you have to have every Christmas?


  1. oh wow - that casserole looks awesome! I'll have to try it, and i'll be on the look out for the beef recipe - looks yum!

    We have my mom's lasagna every Christmas! This year she mixed it up a little with a couple of new cheeses - very good!

  2. Wow all of that looks tasty! I've never had an orange roll, but cinnamon rolls are a tradition!

  3. i always make peppermint bark sometime during dec. we always, always have sausage balls christmas morning. we usually do cinnamon rolls, but this yr i made eggnog muffins. nxt yr we will be back to the rolls! :)

  4. Gurrl! I know we all over indulge at Christmas time, but two chili dogs and fries! Really?

  5. @iheartvegetables.com
    You have to try them! I like them even better than the cinnamon rolls.


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