Volcano Hot Wings

Mammoth is fabulous.

Last night we all went to Giovanni’s for pizza. And wine.

December 2011 116

My husband and I split a salad. Check out all the containers of ranch dressing. I was in love. There is nothing like GOOD ranch dressing. This stuff rocked.

December 2011 117

Mammoth has the hottest hot wings I’ve ever had. Enter: Volcano Wings:

December 2011 118

Our server warned us that they were habanero hot wings and they were no joke. She was right. My husband ate 4 and I managed to eat the rest. My lips were on fire and I loved every minute of it. I need help.

I also enjoyed a slice of this:

December 2011 119

That was some seriously good pizza! I definitely ate too much and went to bed with a food coma.

This morning, we dropped the kids off for their second day of ski school. The husbands went skiing as well. My friend and I went for breakfast at a little place called The Breakfast Club.

December 2011 120

The restaurant had an interesting style and decor. They apparently love the “cow motif.”

December 2011 124

December 2011 121

December 2011 125

December 2011 127


My friend and I split an enormous home made biscuit with gravy. It rocked.

December 2011 122

I ordered two eggs with hashed browns and wheat toast.

December 2011 123

We drove around for a bit to look for some shopping but there was none. :( We eventually went back to the lodge to meet our husbands for lunch. We were still full from breakfast so I went with a liquid meal.

December 2011 136

We hung out for a couple of hours while everyone finished skiing. My son did SO awesome!! My daughter not so much but she gave it a great try!

Now we are back in our hotel room. It’s our last night in Mammoth and we will head out tomorrow for our long drive home.

What was the best thing you ate all weekend? The volcano hot wings. :)